UK's Top-Ranked Instagram Influencers to follow in 2022

Archana Mishra
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December 17, 2021
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Without a shadow of a doubt, Instagram has grown over the years to become a popular influencer marketing platform across the globe. The reason is, it established a direct link between influencers and brands across multiple industries like fashion, beauty, skincare, technology, food, parenting and many more.

The real challenge for any marketer is to find the right influencer for the product or service. The manual process of finding the right influencer can be time-consuming. It many a time leads to delay in campaigns. To address this challenge, influencer marketing platforms like with the use of technology provide a list of top-ranked influencers in different countries.

For the United Kingdom, our influencer marketing platform has found the top influencers on Instagram for 2022.

Top Fashion Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@lillielexie (553k followers)

Lilly Lexie is a reality TV actor known for Ex on the Beach show. Lexie, 30-years-old, is also a fashion designer based in Birmingham, having her clothing line Lily-Beau London, which she promotes through her Instagram stories.

@elizabethkayeturner (226k followers)

Lizzy Turner is a fashion model, also the brand ambassador of SOSU by Suzanne Jackso, a makeup and tanning brand. Based out of Manchester, Turner has impressed her followers on social media with her makeup transformation pictures by participating in social media makeup trends.

@lifelongpercussion (867k followers)

Habiba Da Silva is a London-based blogger, social media influencer and designer. She created an inclusive Hijab fashion line called Skin in 2016. Her collection depicts togetherness among different people, irrespective of their background and culture.

@withlove.nadia (600k followers)

Nadia is a fashion and makeup artist active on all social media platforms. She likes to give tutorials on applying cosmetics. She has endorsed multiple beauty brands through her account.

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Top Fashion Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom (219k followers)

James is a logo designer. He helps brands with their graphic designing by sharing tips on balancing company logos and aesthetics around them. (119k followers)

Joe Whale, 12-years-old, is also known as the Doodle Boy. Hailing from Shrewsbury. Inspired by his surroundings, Whale likes to bring his characters to life through doodles.

@kellyhoppen (279k followers)

Kelly Hoppen is an internationally acclaimed interior designer known for her unique style to combine luxury with simplicity. She runs her studio, Kelly Hoppen Interiors and a design school, where she has handled clients owning yachts and private jets. She has even designed interiors for British Airways’ first-class cabins.

 @anupreetsidhu (104k followers) 

Anupreet Sidhu has been an active fashion blogger since 2009. Having an eye for styling, fine arts and fashion, Sidhu launched her fashion label in 2014 and made her international debut with Belgrade Fashion Week in 2018. In recent years, she has worked on Indian weaving and embroidery techniques.

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Top luxury Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@scoutthecity (366k followers)

Sai De Silva is a full-time lifestyle blogger. She started her blog- Scout The City - to document her daughter’s fashion style and moments of her family. Silva engages with her audience on the latest fashion and lifestyle trends through videos and Instagram stories.

@mariaxxd (99.4k followers)

London-based Maria Draganova has endorsed almost every known lifestyle and fashion brand. She started her Youtube channel in 2015, focusing on shopping vlogs, product reviews, unboxings, fashion and beauty videos. The 28-year-old proactively posts her reels and videos on Instagram.

@eatlivetraveldrink (122k followers)

Nicole Sunderland, a travel blogger, writes mostly about luxury hotels, guides, products reviews, photo journals and food. After all, she travelled across 48 countries on five continents. She calls herself an Instagram addict.

@saraarfeenkhan (316k followers) 

Sara Arfeen Khan is an actor and a lifestyle blogger. Khan is vocal about women empowerment and is also a Ted speaker.

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Top Travel Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@elefv (161k followers)

Elefv, a London-based Instagram star, is known for his stylish looks. He endorses various brands by donning fashionable outfits but visits hotels in and around London for a perfect staycation.

@georgerainsofficial (149k followers) 

A lifestyle fitness-freak and fashion model, George Rains don’t miss out on travelling to different countries like Egypt, Istanbul, Milan and many more. His goal is to transform and educate his clients on a healthy lifestyle.

@domlever (706k followers)

Known for his appearance in the Love Island series (2018), Dom Lever is an active influencer across social media platforms. Besides his interest in fashion and lifestyle, Lever likes to document his travel on Instagram. He goes on excursions across countries and continents for adventure.

@nazia_malik799 (112k followers)

Nazia Malik has taken up many roles, from a TV actor to host, makeup artist, and stylist. She finds time for travelling and likes to post excursion videos on her Youtube channel.

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Top Gaming Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom (21k followers)

Bex Games likes to share her love for video games and all things nerdy! Giving her intro on the Facebook page, Bex has recently started to dip her toes into the world of Cosplay and bringing characters to life.

@chloelockleyy (99.4k followers) 

Chloe Lock, a digital creator, documents her life on social media platforms. With nearly 99.4k followers on Instagram and 217k followers on Twitch, Lock has gained attention by streaming games. She likes to describe her gaming as “I am good at being bad at every single one of them. Just roast me everyone does you’ll fit right in.”

@issabelcosplay (12.1k followers)

Issabel is a cosplayer who has been part of various gaming, comic books and fantasy conventions across the UK and Europe. She has been using Instagram to portray his favourite characters from movies and video games and brings life to her cosplay characters.

@tigressxcosplay (30k followers)

A British live streamer, Tigress aka Tiggy, likes to stick to video gaming. She streams all AAA (Triple-A) video games which are big-budget titles sold at premium prices. These are mostly part of a popular franchise.

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Top Wellness Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@themedicinalchef (101k followers)

Dale Pinnock has dedicated 26 years of his life to helping people achieve better health. He has worked extensively in nutrition and developed tools and strategies for attaining better health. Pinnock has authored 18 books,  created his clinical health programme, and podcast to engage with his audience.

@klnikskn (495 followers)

KLINIK is an aesthetic and wellness clinic established by Dr Rosh in Greater Manchester, UK. The clinic provides advanced procedures available in aesthetic medicine like injectables, thread, skincare, facial rejuvenation and other services.

@ultimatehealthywomen (179k followers)

Ultimate Healthy Women is a community that came into existence during the Covid-19 pandemic, connecting women from different countries. Women talk about brands they have been using for makeup, hair, fashion, self-care, health and lifestyle.

@natjanderson (105k followers)

Natalie Anderson is a British actress, presenter and writer, who has created a platform- The Capsule – to advocate a balanced lifestyle featuring articles on wellbeing, mental health and self-care, along with recommendations on fashion and beauty.

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Top Skincare Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@peplums.and.pineapples (101k followers)

Neha Yusuf is a London-based skincare influencer.

@jakejamie (712k followers)

Having a fondness for skincare products, Jake Jamie co-created a jelly watermelon mask with Revolution skincare. Beauty content creator loves to make masks from delicious superfoods and skin-loving ingredients. Scroll through his Instagram feed, and one can find all sorts of beauty masks.

@darealmonielove (193k followers)

Love Monie is a Grammy-nominated artist. She likes to collaborate with skincare brands that believe in inclusivity.

@scottmcglynnofficial (237k followers)

Scott McGlynn runs his IGTV shows and podcast on celebrity skin talk,   like a range of anti-ageing, skincare products containing organic, natural and results-driven ingredients for getting a radiant complexion.

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Top Entertainment Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@enzosiragusa (102k followers)

Enzo Siragusa is a DJ and founder of the East London party band called FUSE. Popular in the international music circle and is a mentor to up-and-coming artists.

@phymobanky (93.2k followers)

Femi Bankole is the founder of Cosoro Radio, an afrobeat radio station in
Manchester, Glasgow and other major cities of the UK. Bankole ensures his listeners get the best of afrobeat music, entertainment gist, live talk shows, trending news and keeping up with their favourite artists on radio and blogs.

@danni.menzies (86.8k followers)

Danni Menzies is a TV and a radio presenter. Also, a former fashion model Menzies is active on Instagram as she likes to interact with her followers by having QnA on her time presenting “A Place in the Sun” on Channel 4.

@drewschiff (126k followers) 

Drew Schiff is a London-based technology and cryptocurrency buff. In 2020, he started his Youtube channel- Good People Everywhere – to highlight stories of people who believe in giving goodness back to the world.

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Top Pets Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@bluestaffy (275k followers)

The account shows the beauty of the dog breed – Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier – in modelling poses, from giving a sharp gaze to diving. The dog endorses collars in various colours by different brands.

@getinspire_d (90.1k followers)

The account has multiple posts on adorable puppies.

@theteddybearstaffy (89.1k followers)

Rocco and Lucky, the blue staff breed of dog, have their popular Instagram account. From their fights to riding and licking cool watermelon, the account documents the daily activities of the two brothers!

@bluestaffyboulder (156k followers)

The account documents the journey of a family, where Boulder (Blue Staff dog breed) does not leave the side of a pregnant woman. He always snuggles up next to her bump and stays close to other family members. Boulder likes to endorse pet products.

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Top Technology Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@suziperry100 (135k followers)

Suzi Perry is a known name in motorsport journalism. But she has a love for technology as she hosted a hugely popular gadget show on Channel 5 for eight years. She remained as a technology ambassador for the Ideal Home Show and was the face of Mobile World Congress Awards, a mobile technology trade fair.

@everlastingbrows (129k followers)

Everlasting brows provide permanent makeup services, treatments to reduce pigmentation and facelift surgeries.

@adamdanyal (146k followers)

Adam Danyal is a tech influencer who is active across all social media platforms. He covers automation, aviation, climate change, construction, drones and robots.

@charliemorley (151k followers)

Charley Morley is a gaming and technology influencer. He makes football challenge videos with his friends and other YouTubers.

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Top Beauty Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@janet_amrani (172k followers)

Janet Amrani is a style influencer who gained popularity through Instagram by posting beauty and lifestyle photos since 2013. Her style vlog- Amrani and Roy- also increased her subscribers.

@cristinamonti (100k followers)

Cristina Monti is a model, curator and stylist. Her fashion blog - The Boho Flow - is a repository of her fashion content. She is a brand lover and has all the big names on her Instagram stories.

@naimabegum_ (198k followers)

Naima proactively collaborates with brands to endorse beauty and fashion products. She is also the founder of Dhana London, a premium jewellery brand.

@yamiko_ (155k followers)

Fashionista Yamiko is known for rocking different looks. Mother of two kids, Yamiko makes most of the clothes she dons and likes to sew and knit to create her unique pieces.

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Top Food Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@melizcooks (98.7k followers)

Meliz Berg is a food content creator, having Turkish Cypriot influence in her cooking style. Being a self-taught cook, Berg likes to make recipes reminding her of her childhood. She has gained followers due to her easy-to-follow recipes.

@lilandlife (90.7k followers)

Lillie Farrow, a professional chef, holds over 16 years of experience. Her popularity as an Instagram influencer increased when she used the social media platform to document weight loss in 2015 by developing new recipes.

@truffleandtoast (93.7k followers)

Shree ranks among the top 10 food bloggers in London. She visits at least 8-10 restaurants a week, with Indian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Brunch restaurants at the top of her places list.

@simplyfoodbymandy (89.9k followers)

Mandy Miller Simmonds shares vegetarian meals that aren’t complicated. She advocates wellness through varied meals, which can be within budget and easily please family and friends.

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Top Fitness Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@grantmackay_ (160k followers)

Grant Mackay is a fitness freak featured in Vogue Aesthetics.

@mandy_sealey (96.2k followers)

Mandy Sealey Hackshaw is a functional training certified coach. She is also a radio and TV host.

@hannahmichalak (195k followers)

Hannah Michalak is a content creator and a yoga teacher. She teaches helpful yoga asanas to de-stress and relax and beginners yoga for the energised morning.

@seanlineker (120k followers)

Sean Linekar, known for his appearance in the Shipwrecked series, says that he likes to use social media a lot as it has turned into a job for him.

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Top Parenting Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@fopperholic (164k followers)

Nikki is like an all-rounder mother, focusing on parenting, food, and fashion. With every Instagram post of her twins, she explains the nitty-gritty of handling kids and behavioural change required to tackle children.

@rebeccawilsonfood (481k followers)

Rebecca Wilson is the author of What Mummy Makes, shortlisted for a British Book Award 2021. She is also the founder of the popular food channel where she wants to show parents on including delicious solid foods.

@shaunstafford (258k followers)

Shaun Stafford is a British, European and Pro World Champion in the Men’s physique. His success as an athlete made him start one of the premier gyms in the UK. Despite this, Stafford is a doting father who likes to document his son’s growing years on Instagram.

@notsosmugnow (182k followers)

Blogger Not So Smug Now enlightens her readers with simple parenting tips by sharing her real-life stories around children.

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Top Instagram Micro-Influencers in United Kingdom

@erikawfong (49.6 followers)

Erika Fong is the founder of Dewystone, a luxury skincare brand.  Fong aims to provide the highest quality products like face rollers and eye masks.

@iamdoom (49.4k followers)

Dooom is a freelance illustrator who has worked with magazines and clothing brands.

@ingridbackstrom (49.1k followers) 

Ingrid Backstrom is a professional skier. She enjoys connecting and sharing stories with other people, who also love mountains and mountain activities.

@jadeking__ (49.5k followers)

Jade Marie King calls her shopaholic as she likes to flaunt her chic fashion style. Through her Instagram stories, Kings shares outfits of the entire week she donned.

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