Vietnam Facebook Trend Report 2022

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January 20, 2023
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Vietnamese brands in 2022 collaborated mainly with micro and macro influencers on Facebook  to create awareness among potential customers  and generate engagement. These influencers helped marketers connect with a wide audience through their content that went viral.

But the platform saw a sudden plunge in influencer posts, indicating how other social media channels in the country are gaining more popularity. The state of Facebook influencer marketing report in Vietnam shows data-backed insights into the top influencer categories, the number of influencer posts published, and overall engagement rates. 

Table of Content

  1. Influencer Demographics
  2. Number of Influencers by Follower Count
  3. Influencer Engagement Rates
  4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022

1. Influencer Demographics

In Vietnam, the number of female users is higher than the male audience on Facebook. According to's analysis, 63.83% of users on Facebook are females. Brands looking to target a female audience can rely on Facebook influencer marketing

Of the entire user base, the Gen Zers (aged <19 - 25 years) use Facebook the most, followed by Millennials (aged 26-32 years), who make up 29.11% of the audience. 

2. Number of Influencers by Follower Count

In 2022, there were 5582 micro-influencers on Facebook, the highest of all creator categories. Macro influencers come at the second position as there are 2214 creators on the platform. The data indicate that micro and macro creators are the top influencer verticals in Vietnam. Compared to them, the number of mid-tier and nano influencers decreased by 70.71%. The percentage dips further, moving towards mega influencers. 

3. Influencer Engagement Rates

Facebook macro-influencers (100k-250k followers) are excellent for reaching a diverse audience base and creating mass awareness. The high engagement rate clocked by them implies that brands with different target audience segments collaborate with the creators to increase their reach. In 2022, there were 2214 macro-influencers, generating an engagement rate of 8.04%, followed by nano, micro, and mid-tier influencers who created an almost equal percentage. 

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4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022

The number of influencer posts reduced drastically in 2022 compared to 2021. While there was 1.81 million influencer content in 2021, the number decreased by 77% in 2022! 

Our full global report gives deeper insights into how Facebook is buckling up to compete with YouTube and TikTok’s growing popularity. 

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