Discover the Viral TikTok Hashtags of Summer 2023

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September 28, 2023
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You know that there are no limits to creativity on TikTok, right? Well, let's talk about the incredible trends lighting up our screens throughout July, August, and September. From #RushTok to #girlmath, and even the simple yet charming #onthisday, #backtoschool, and #fall, it's safe to say TikTok's trend game is still going strong.

So, buckle up as we take a deep dive into this exciting world of TikTok trends that have kept us glued to our mobile screens. These trends have ruled the summer of 2023, and guess what? They might just be the inspiration you need for your next quarter or those upcoming holiday season campaigns. And, who knows, you might pick up some ideas from other brands that have harnessed these trends to the fullest!

1. #RushTok,  #BamaRush

A TikTok trend that started at Alabama University became a revenue-generating event for brands like Shein, Ulta Beauty, and American Eagle in the last three months. It is an event popular during the summer and early fall when sorority recruitment occurs at many colleges and universities. The Potential New Members (PNMs) shared their rushing experiences, outfits, thoughts on the different sororities, and overall feelings about the process. 

Source: TikTok

Here’s when brands jumped in by partnering with TikTok influencers to show off their products as a part of their first day of rush. Emma @Dollypartonwannabe02 partnered with brands such as Kendra Scott and Amazon to promote their jewelry and clothing. Kendra Scott sent jewelry to many RushTok influencers to wear and even partnered with local boutiques to gain more momentum on #RushTok. The brand has sponsored several #RushTok and #BamaRush videos and created its own RushTok content, such as videos of Amazon employees modeling rush outfits.

Similarly, Kylan Kylanmgray partnered with brands such as Shein and Windsor to promote their clothing. Shein has sponsored several RushTok influencers and created its own #RushTok content, such as videos of Shein clothing hauls. Other TikTok influencers, Tori Dunlap, teamed up with Aerie and American Eagle to promote their clothing, and Ashleigh Lauren collaborated with Too Faced and Maybelline to promote their makeup products. 

Through #RushTok these brands could reach the target audience of college students, and saw a significant increase in sales and brand awareness.

2. #girlmath

A woman is shopping for a new dress. She finds a dress that she loves, but it's a bit expensive. She tells herself that she deserves to buy the dress because she's been working hard. She also tells herself that she can save money on other things, like eating out less, to make up for the cost of the dress — that's #girlmath. 

A humorous way of justifying spending habits, especially on items that are considered to be frivolous or unnecessary. It is often used to describe situations where someone is buying something that they don't really need, but they convince themselves that it is a good purchase by using some creative accounting. 

Source: TikTok

So, what does #girlmath entail?

If you buy something that costs less than $5, it's practically free. If you return something and get a gift card, the money you spent on the original item is now free money. If you buy something you've wanted for a long time, it's an investment. Or if you purchase something that will make you happy, it's worth the money.

Ulta Beauty, a beauty brand, created its #girlmath content, such as videos of employees sharing their #girlmath tips. The brand has also partnered with other TikTok influencers to create #girlmath content.  Similarly, for Fenty Beauty, we saw videos of founder Rihanna sharing her own #girlmath tips. Some restaurants  and hair salons have offered #girlmath specials.

It is important to note that the #girlmath trend has been criticized for its superficiality and for promoting unrealistic expectations about spending. Brands that partner with TikTok influencers to promote their products using #girlmath should be mindful of these criticisms and ensure their content is authentic and respectful. 

3. #backtoschool

Documenting and sharing all things related to the start of the new school year — is what the #backtoschool trend is all about. From shopping for new school supplies to outfits for the first day, a student’s advice for other students on how to prepare for the new school year, or a funny story about something that happened in the class, the #backtoschool trend on TikTok has been popular for these multiple reasons. 

Source: TikTok

The TikTok trend connected students and parents to share their experiences with the start of the new school year. Also, it became a way to get easy tips and tricks to make the best of the time in school. Likewise, it also allowed brands to seize the opportunity and reach the target market. 

Target, a department store chain, used the #backtoschool hashtag to promote its back-to-school products, such as school supplies, clothes, and dorm essentials. Old Navy used the hashtag to promote its back-to-school fashions, such as jeans, t-shirts, and dresses.

Walmart promoted back-to-school savings to help shoppers find the best deals on the products they need for the new school year.

So, what better way than getting TikTok influencers to promote the deals? ReviseSign partnered with Khan Academy and TestPrepU to promote their educational resources to students. Olivia Somersille collaborated with Barnes & Noble and Amazon to promote their educational books and resources. While Jessica Woo teamed up with Lunchbox Hero and Bentology to promote their lunchbox products. Popular brand JanSport onboarded several TikTok influencers, including those listed above, to promote its backpack.

4. #stopmotiontrend

This popular hashtag is a hub for creators to showcase their mesmerizing stop motion animation videos. Over the past three months, this TikTok trend has seen a staggering 249,000 posts, amassing an astonishing 234 million views, and it's not just a local sensation; it's gone global, accumulating a jaw-dropping 3 billion views worldwide.

Source: TikTok

What's fascinating is that this TikTok trend isn't limited to one particular genre. TikTok users have harnessed the magic of stop motion animation to share a wide array of stories. From heartwarming tales to suspenseful narratives, you'll find it all here. And if you're looking for a good laugh, you're in luck! Users have crafted hilarious stop motion videos featuring dancing food and clever claymation sketches that are often dripping with satire.

The demographic breakdown is just as intriguing. The #stopmotiontrend is a hit among the young and creative souls, with 59% of users falling into the 18-24 age bracket and an additional 28% in the 25-34 age range. So, whether you're into selfies, seeking motivational guidance, or itching to dance your heart out, this TikTok trend has got something for everyone. It's time to unleash your inner animator and join in on the stop motion fun.

5. #fall

The #fall trend is all about embracing the captivating beauty of the autumn season. In the month of September alone, this hashtag took the platform by storm, boasting an impressive 151,000 posts and a mind-blowing 764 million views. And it's not alone; fellow hashtags like #ilovefall and #itsfall have also enjoyed their fair share of popularity.

Source: TikTok

But here's the exciting part – the #fall trend on TikTok has become a creative canvas for brands like Puravida to showcase their Fall 2023 collection, aptly named "Mystics Collections." This collection features a dazzling array of bracelets, necklaces, and rings, all thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the season. What's truly remarkable is that this TikTok trend has resonated not just in one corner of the world but has spread its magic across the United States, Canada, and several European nations, accumulating an astounding 3 billion views over the past 120 days.

6. #scarystories 

The buzz for #Halloween starts months before leading up to the event. #scaryvideos, #scaryTikTok, #scarythings #scarystories have been trending as it is the time of year when people are most interested in horror. Halloween celebrates the macabre and the supernatural, and people enjoy sharing scary stories to get into the holiday spirit.

Source: TikTok

Brands look forward to the event as it marks the beginning of the holiday season marketing. Generally, many candy brands, such as M&M's, Snickers, and Skittles, have used the #scarystories hashtag to promote their products during Halloween. These brands often create humorous or spooky content that features their candy products. Interestingly, many streaming channels, from Netflix to Hulu, Shudder, Prime, and others, use the #scarystories hashtag to promote their library of horror content during Halloween.

In the past, @TheHauntedMansion partnered with brands such as Netflix and Hulu to promote their streaming services during Halloween. Likewise, @TrueScaryStories partnered with brands such as horror movie studios and haunted house attractions to promote their products and attractions during Halloween.@TheScarySide teamed up with horror book publishers and @ScaryStoriesForKids collaborated with brands and horror merchandise companies to promote their products during Halloween.

7. #onthisday

The #OnThisDay trend on TikTok commemorates or highlights important events that happened on a particular day in history. But why is it popular? It is a way for people to learn about history, to connect with others who share their interests, and to celebrate important occasions. The TikTok trend is also popular because it is a way for people to be creative and to share their own stories and experiences.

Source: TikTok

Nike and Disney have used the hashtag in the past. Nike celebrated the achievements of athletes and to promote its products. For example, on the anniversary of Michael Jordan's first NBA championship, Nike created a video highlighting Jordan's career and promoting its latest Air Jordan sneakers. Influencer Charli D'Amelio created a TikTok video of herself doing a dance routine in a pair of Nike Air Jordans. 

Likewise, if you are a beauty brand, you could partner with a beauty influencer to create a video about the history of makeup or the anniversary of the invention of lipstick. And organically place your content. Likewise, if you provide food and beverage services, you could run a contest where people can submit videos of themselves eating their favorite food on their birthday. Also, many brands can create educational videos just to drive awareness. 

8. #halloween (#halloweenmakeup, #halloweendecorations)

Leading up to Halloween, the hashtag has been trending on TikTok from September onwards. After all, seeing people creatively express themselves is a visual treat. Plus, it is an ideal occasion to share their love for #halloweencostumes #halloweenmakeup #halloweendecorations #halloweencostumes.

Source: TikTok


The rising popularity of the hashtag gives marketers a reason to seize the opportunity. The hashtag has been viewed over 167.6 billion times on TikTok. It shows how popular Halloween is on the platform. 

You can create videos from Halloween recipes to DIYs, costume ideas, and makeup tutorials. Or offer Halloween-themed discounts and promotions to encourage people to buy their products and services. Amazon has run many Halloween-themed contests and giveaways, such as the Amazon Halloween Costume Contest and the Amazon Halloween Candy Giveaway. Similarly, Spirit Halloween has offered Halloween-themed discounts and promotions, such as 50% Off All Halloween Costumes and Buy One, Get One Free Halloween Candy.

TikTok influencers like Jeffree Star created a TikTok video of himself reviewing Halloween-themed makeup products in the past. Huda Kattan created a TikTok video teaching her followers how to do a Halloween-themed eyeshadow look. Mikayla Nogueira made a TikTok video of herself creating a Halloween-themed makeup look inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

9. #freezeframephoto

The TikTok sensation known as the #FreezeFramePhoto trend is a captivating video trend . Users record themselves striking a specific pose or standing in a unique position, and then they employ the Freeze Frame effect to freeze the video at that precise moment. This nifty effect transforms the video into a still image, which can then be jazzed up with music or other cool effects. 

Source: TikTok

What makes this TikTok trend even more exciting is that it's set to the mellifluous tune 'Wrap Me In Plastic' by CHROMANCE and Marcus Layton, with the filter pausing the video at strategic beats in the track, adding an extra layer of groove to your creation.

The #FreezeFramePhoto trend is a versatile canvas for creators. Whether you're aiming for laughs with funny and creative videos or diving into deeper waters with more serious and artistic content, this trend can accommodate it all. Some users have used it to spread messages of self-love, body positivity, and mental health awareness, adding depth and meaning to their frozen moments.

In the past 120 days, this hashtag has seen a whopping 260,000 posts and a staggering 328 million views. Delving into audience insights, you'll find that a significant 76% of participants fall within the 18-24 age group, showcasing its popularity among the younger TikTok crowd. And this TikTok trend has truly gone global, finding its groove in places like Belarus, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Estonia.

10. #longervideos 

Explore the world of longer videos (those exceeding the 1-minute mark) on TikTok! Crafting extended videos offers you the chance to truly express yourself and narrate more of your unique story. Notably, there has been a steady rise in interest over time for this particular hashtag. In the last 120 days, within the United States alone, this hashtag has been employed in over 131,000 posts, amassing  3 billion views.

Source: TikTok

Interestingly, the most active audience engaging with this hashtag falls within the age group of 18-24 years. Furthermore, it enjoys widespread popularity in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Belarus. 

Complementary hashtags like #1min and #longervideo are often used in conjunction. This hashtag finds its place in diverse content realms, including history and linguistics, as well as content spanning the automotive world, encompassing cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It also serves as a hub for video game enthusiasts to share tips and tricks and caters to outdoor activity enthusiasts.

Latest TikTok Feature Updates 

TikTok’s growing popularity as a search app has inspired the platform to roll out updates that let users discover top products, beauty tips, fashion hacks, recipes, and more. In the last three months, TikTok has launched features that present a massive opportunity to hit maximum visibility and get connected with an audience already looking for them. 

1. TikTok Shop 

TikTok has introduced the new TikTok Shop that lets brands create shoppable in-feed videos, live streams, product showcases, shop ads, and more. This feature allows brands to sell consumer favorite products on the app directly. Seamless checkouts and product links enable users to make quick purchases.

Source: TikTok

2. Search Ads Toggle 

The feature gives more visibility to branded ads on the app, allowing consumers to discover products through sponsored content. When a user types in a query in the search bar, TikTok will show branded ads besides organic content based on the search term. 

3. Text-Based Posts 

Launched in July, this TikTok update lets creators create text-based posts on the app. These still posts include text-based content, hashtags, and music and appear in the user’s feed. 

Source: TikTok 

4. Elevate 

TikTok Elevate is a new rising artists program launched by the app to identify and support emerging musicians. With the program, new and upcoming music artists can share their music on the app and allow creators to use it for their content. According to TikTok, the feature aims to “identify, amplify, and celebrate emerging artists.” 

5. Attribution Analytics 

The new feature in TikTok Ads Manager enables brands to understand the non-linear customer journey on TikTok - discovery, consideration, purchase, review, and participation. The first-party measurement solution give brands a clearer picture of how users discover and engage with their products. 

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