YouTube’s Top Trends that Defined Summer 2023

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October 16, 2023
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YouTube has stepped up its game and stolen the spotlight from Netflix when it comes to American teens, according to a Piper Sandler survey. It's all because Gen Z and Millennials are hooked on YouTube these days!

You've got everything on there, from those Get Ready With Me videos to epic try-on hauls, color theory, and evergreen Rizz! YouTube is pulling in millions of viewers with these exciting trends that have taken off like a rocket in Q3 of 2023. And because YouTube is getting more popular by the minute, they're going all-in on content creation and helping creators make some serious money with their innovative and creative ideas.

Interestingly, it took a step further by foraying into the AI territory. The new "AI insights for Creators feature" lets creators find inspiration for video ideas and topics. With the platform's best features, YouTube influencers create viral-worthy content that expands YouTube's fanbase. 

As we enter the last quarter of the year, you might be looking for new ways to gain online traction, especially with the holiday season right around the corner. So, to help you strategize for this quarter, let's look at some of the top Q3 trends and feature updates. 

Q3 Trends - YouTube 

1. A Try on Haul

Try on hauls on YouTube are a popular way of showcasing clothing lines to a customer. YouTube influencers try on clothes from top brands, share their outfit ideas, or simply put together outfits similar to trending fashion styles. Fashion brands, including Zara, H&M, and Fashion Nova, use this trend to sell more clothes. Not only are #clothinghauls  fun and interactive, but they also give viewers insights into what influencers are buying, their tastes, and lifestyles, enticing them to buy similar items.  

2. Rizz

Rizz is a prime example of taking a viral concept and making it go wild across the community. It's all about boosting engagement and getting more folks to interact with your content. Rizz is just that popular.

You'll see people trying to be charming, flirting, and generally trying to attract others. These videos can be a mix of funny, cringe-worthy, or even heartwarming, but they all zoom in on the wacky and often hilarious world of dating. 

People search for Rizz lines, trying to figure out what exactly Rizz means, looking for the Rizz song, and even checking out Rizz's pick-up lines. In the past year, the number of daily video uploads with Rizz in the title has skyrocketed by more than 15 times, and they've racked up over a whopping 600 million views, according to YouTube. 

As more and more folks get on board with this viral concept, Rizz's video content is branching out. It's not just about POV videos anymore; now, creators are breaking it down, showing off their take on Rizz, and even diving into sketch comedy. It's quite the phenomenon!

3. Hot Girl Summer 

The aesthetically pleasing Girl Summer videos were the highlight of YouTube from August to September. Through glow up guides, girl dinners and styling videos, the creators encourage women to embrace their authentic selves. Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers specifically use this trend to build more connected relationships with the viewers. And with 25 million global views, this trend effectively captures a large audience's attention. 

While the Girl Summer trend may not be as popular throughout the year, you can still channel its aesthetics for your upcoming YouTube content. Partner with YouTube influencers who can maintain similar aesthetics and video style to create authentic content for other seasons of the year. 

4. Anime around the world 

Connecting with Gen Z  through anime has taken off in popularity. YouTube says that video uploads related to anime have shot up by a whopping 40% year over year worldwide. What's more, a staggering 85% of all anime viewership is now coming from folks outside of Japan.

Let's take the Toca Toca dance trend in anime as an example. The Toca Toca anime dance by Fly Project took off in June 2023. This thing went global in no time, with people in Korea and India recreating it like crazy. And you know who deserves a huge shoutout for this? The creators. They've got these massive fan followings, and that's a big part of what's driving this trend.

There's a whole community of anime creators and influencers out there. So, if you're looking to broaden your connections, keep an eye on anime trends and team up with the right content creators. It's a surefire way to connect with your audience!

5. Color Theory

YouTube beauty influencers have taken inclusive content onto a new creative level. Using the principles of color theory, these creators create custom makeup (specifically foundation shades) by mixing base colors like blue, red, yellow, and white.  Top beauty YouTubers have tried and tested this trend, which is fascinating to watch. According to YouTube, the trend’s popularity is such that it amassed over 35 million views from March to May 2023 alone. As more YouTubers tune into this viral hack, it is a perfect opportunity for makeup and beauty businesses to highlight their products by partnering with the beauty creators. 

6. LoFi Lore

LoFi girl journey from Chilled Cow channel, where a student is busy revising for her classes with Miyazakiesque visuals, has been there for quite some time. It increasingly became a popular YouTube livestream of LoFi hip-hop music, with as many as 65,000 viewers tuned in at any minute. In the feed of live comments, communities connect by asking each other what they are studying or doing while listening. The LoFi girl became iconic, and the channel changed its name from Chilled Cow to LoFi Girl. 

But the LoFi girl stream was taken down in 2022 due to copyright issues. The channel is now officially titled - Synthwave - beats to chill/game. The community refers to this channel as Lofi Boy or Synthwave boy, as you see a boy typing on the keyboard. 

From clues on Shorts to fan theories to a live stream countdown, the channel's creator used multiple formats and platforms to set fans abuzz in anticipation of the big reveal. In this case, the interactive and multi-format strategy successfully spiked the original stream's one-day views to an all-time high of 1.4M the day before the reveal.

7. Get Ready With Me

Get Ready With Me (GRWM) style videos are all the rage on YouTube nowadays. This vlogging trend is a YouTube original dating back to 2011. But as more Gen Zers look for companionship content, GRWM videos have gained even more momentum. It feels less like watching a video and more like chatting with a best friend over a video call. YouTubers share all sorts of information, stories, and experiences with the viewers all while getting ready for a date night, party, or event. 

8. Music Tours

Gone are the days when people had to snag tickets to a concert to enjoy it. Thanks to YouTube creators, the fan experience has come online, meaning you can enjoy a concert without being physically there. The rising popularity of YouTube Shorts has allowed influencers to publish content that expands the reach of in-person activities to people behind screens. A classic example of this trend is the dance challenge video shared by @besperon where he imitates Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour performance in his living room. The short video gives the viewers a little snippet into the concert without attending it. 

9. Retrogaming 

Attaining consumers' attention through the power of nostalgia is a tried and tested marketing strategy that works every time. And this time YouTube gaming influencers are channeling nostalgia in the form of retrogaming - the collection and playing of old video games. YouTube gamers play the most popular video games from the 70s onwards and share their experience on the platform through long or short form videos and live streaming. With most of the views coming in from South America, Asia, and Europe, it is clear that people in the region are interested in such content. Brands looking to boost visibility for their old or even new games can tap into the YouTube retrogaming community. 


10. What I would wear as…

“What I would wear as…” is more than a dress up trend. It is a way to flaunt outfits without actually selling them. Many YouTube influencers share their take on dressing up as a teacher, nurse, or even K-pop idols. By partnering with such creators, you can highlight your product (clothes, shoes, or even makeup items) without directly selling them to the customers. Simply ask the YouTubers to mention the products in videos and link them in description. 

YouTube Feature Updates Q3 2023

YouTube content creation has gone up a notch. With exciting updates like AI insights, YouTube Create app, Playables, Collab, and more, the social media platform is encouraging creators to share top quality content that resonates with their audience. 

1. Video linking in Shorts 

The new feature allows creators to add a link to their previous YouTube videos in the Shorts. The link will be visible in the Shorts player taking the viewers to the link. 

2. YouTube Create 

YouTube Create is a brand new app launched by the platform which will enable creators to create and edit videos with a suite of creative tools. YouTubers can easily access GIFs, stickers, and royalty-free music within the app. The app is currently in the beta phase available for select creators who use android. 

3. AI insights for Creators 

AI insights for Creators is an AI-powered inspiration tool helping creators find video topics for their next videos. The feature is still in testing which only a select few creators can access. 

4. Playables 

YouTube is experimenting with a new gaming feature on the platform that lets users play online games on desktop and mobile. 

5. YouTube Shorts Updates 

The social media giant has introduced a number of Shorts updates like Collab, Green Screen, Cut, Q&A Stickers, and more that let creators publish interactive bite-sized content. 

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