YouTube Releases Exciting Features to Amplify Creator Revenue

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July 17, 2023
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YouTube is always looking for ways to provide what its users and creators want. Be it multi-language audio tool, creator music for licensing music, or other monetization features, YouTube constantly updates new features helping creators to earn more while creating unique content.

This quarter (April-June), YouTube is all about content and audience insights, product placement, and improved live streams. It has introduced several new tools and programs for creators to engage with their audience, dive deeper into insights and monetize their content.

Let's look closely at each YouTube update from the last three months. 

1. YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program 

The new YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program allows YouTube creators to tag products featured in their videos, Shorts, and live streams. A shop button appears, which lists products added by creators. Viewers can click the button to see and purchase tagged products. Creators can see product impressions and clicks in the shopping tab in YouTube Studio. 

Brands leveraging YouTube influencer marketing can utilize this feature to list their products in influencer videos and see what products people click on. The feature is currently available to US creators. 

Source: YouTube

2. Notify Me Button

The new Notify Me button helps creators encourage viewers to join their upcoming live streams or Premieres. Adding this button enables followers to opt-in to receive a notification once the live stream or Premiere is live. 

3. Product Drops 

The feature allows YouTube creators to generate excitement and maintain an element of surprise when releasing new products during live streams. A placeholder image with a shopping bag is displayed in the live stream's product list, indicating that a new product is dropping soon. Once the product is revealed during the live stream, viewers can purchase it immediately. The feature is available in the YouTube Live Control Room. 

Source: YouTube

4. Channel Permissions

Channel Permissions enables managers and editors appointed by creators to upload a short video, make a post, comment, or manage a playlist on behalf of the channel owner directly from the main app. 

5. Live Stream Updates

A. Reactions 

Live Streams on YouTube now have reactions. The channels eligible for live streams will have reactions by default, which viewers can use to react during specific moments in live stream videos. The feature is available on ios devices.

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