YouTube Stunts, an Engaging Way to Captivate Millions of Viewers 

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July 7, 2023
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Have you wondered why some brands invest big bucks on bizarre YouTube stunts? There’s one simple answer — Publicity. Brands such as Pizza Hut, Muddy Bites, Supercell, and G Fuel partnered with YouTube influencers famous for filming crazy stunts, such as turning rooms into fish tanks and building larger-than-life objects to boost brand visibility. 

In June 2023, Muddy Bites, a sugar snack company, went viral by building the largest ice cream cone in the world with Matthew Beem, a YouTube influencer known for his unusual stunt videos. Together they built the oversized cone to highlight the brand’s product launch in Walmart stores. The video amassed over 900k views on YouTube, creating massive awareness for the company. 

Matthew Beem's viral YouTube stunt for Muddy Bites.
Mathhew Beem created the largest ice cram cone for Muddy Bites campaign.

Such videos quickly go viral on social media, reaching millions of audiences at once. YouTube stunts are a hit among the younger generations, who stream such videos to entertain themselves in their free time. You can collaborate with YouTube stunt creators to capitalize on this viewership by highlighting your product in front of a large audience. 

Not just that. These influencers create shareable content which boosts customer engagement across social media. The videos generate a positive buzz in the market, eventually leading to more sales. 

The campaign is an excellent example of how influencer marketing shouldn’t be limited to product reviews or giveaways. You can always find new ways to leverage influencer creativity and engage your audience. Partnering with stunt video creators for YouTube influencer marketing can: 

  1. Grab consumer attention
  2. Drum up positive buzz for an upcoming event
  3. Launch or relaunch a product 
  4. Amplify sales 
  5. Go viral on social media 
  6. Stand out from competitors
  7. Massive press coverage 

Pizza Hut took a similar approach when they built the largest pizza in the world in collaboration with Airrack, aka Erik Decker, a comedy and entertainment YouTube creator. Airrack approached Pizza Hut to build a giant pizza, breaking a Guinness world record. Pizza Hut capitalized on Airrack’s viewership to relaunch their iconic 16-inch Big New Yorker pizza. The video earned over 15M views, magnifying sales for the restaurant chain. 

Airrack holding a pizza cutter to the largest pizza ever. A YouTube stunt funded by Pizza Hut.
Airrack built the largest pizza ever in collaboration with Pizza Hut.

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