Create An Army Of Content Creators With Community On

Brands receive more than 100 requests a month from devoted followers and influencers to collaborate. But brands lack a mechanism for compiling, approving, and curating a list of these content creators. Community on has got you covered! With automated management of content creators, a comprehensive overview of their social media statistics, and the ability to determine whether they are a good fit for your campaigns, you can take your campaigns to the next level. Plus, you can connect with your potential creators at any stage of their purchasing cycles to get them to talk about you more - the possibilities are endless!

Community Feature Automates The Management Of Content Creators And Provides A Consolidated Platform To Invite Creators To Work With You.

Having a route for brands to build a roster of people who are interested in collaborating with the brand brings authenticity to your brand, inspires others to share their enthusiasm for your products by sparking conversations, and helps establish long-term brand loyalty. Community’s functionality is to collate all the requests in one place without having to spend active efforts.

Save Time. Use Data Intelligence To Analyze And Detect Requests That Are Relevant To The Brand And The Ones That Aren’t.

With the brand community feature, brands can accept every request in a streamlined manner. Our AI-driven platform helps you with the data points such as reach, engagement, and average views per post, among other aspects to assess granular data of individual content creators and detect requests that are relevant to the brand.

Integrate With Your Existing CRM Seamlessly And Increase The Diversity Of Your Community

You can automate the entire workflow by integrating with your existing CRM which saves you time and resources. Brands can create a funnel to accept applications from content creators and run product gifting or affiliate campaigns with different categories of content creators across various marketing buckets and incentivize them accordingly.