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An effective data-driven influencer management platform saves time in campaign execution and gives you access to analytical data for performance measurement.

If you want to land the right platform that offers advanced features and data reports, you need to know the platform's features and tools before investing.

Different platforms offer different features to suit individual client needs. Some platforms may only allow you to find influencers through a database, while others will enable you to run end-to-end campaigns, such as the influencer management platform. 

This product FAQ page answers the most common questions about the influencer management platform. It will help you learn in detail about the advanced features of our platform!

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What is is a SaaS-based influencer management platform that allows brands and agencies to discover, engage and measure social media influencers. The platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms that vet influencer profiles and their audience across social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Beyond this, the platform allows its clients to implement campaigns using advanced features and get valuable insights to measure performance and ROI.  

What are the components/modules of the platform? offers four value-adding modules – find influencers, manage collaborations, track campaigns, and measure performance - that help streamline your influencer marketing campaigns. With the features of all four modules, you can manage campaigns from start to end on one single platform.

What are the features under the Find Influencers module?

With the Find Influencers component, you can search for the perfect influencers who fit your brand goals.

• 20+ advanced filters to find influencers in any country, any niche
• Influencer brand affinity, follower analytics, and suspicious follower data to analyze the authenticity
• Inclusion and exclusion search, brand affinity filters to find influencers working with competitors

What are the features under the Manage Collaborations module? has an in-built influencer relationship management software (IRM) that helps you manage your creator conversations and build strong relationships in one place. 

• Creator portal - detailed custom landing page to invite influencers to participate in campaigns 
• Email inbox to track all influencer conversations 
• eCommerce integration for seamless product deliveries 
• Fixed pay and affiliate settings to carry out direct payments

What are the features under the Track Campaigns module?

The Track Campaigns component allows you to view the progress of your current campaigns – from when the content is published to how the audience is reacting to it.

• One dashboard to view all the influencer-generated content 
• Story tracking on auto-pilot without requiring any authentication from the influencers
• Influencer content export in spreadsheets and PowerPoint files

What are the features under the Measure Performance module?

With the Measure Performance module, you can determine the impact created by your campaigns and influencers. 

Custom reports to gain insights and analytics on the reach and engagement of your campaign 
• Tools to measure the sales and traffic driven by your influencers 
• Sentiment analysis of the audience's comments to know their reaction

What are the features under the Industry listening, Brand and Competitor analysis module on

Our bonus module – Industry listening, Brand and Competitor analysis – allows users to learn about the latest industry trends in influencer marketing and analyze what strategies the competitors are creating. 

Market study: to find trending hashtags, brand and influencers partnerships
• Market Trends: to analyze how various brands are investing in influencers
• Competitive Analysis: to track competitors' influencer activities and compare

Does the platform provide agency services?

No, is an end-to-end technology company helping brands and agencies connect with relevant influencers, manage overall campaigns, and measure performance. The platform can be used by enterprises, eCommerce brands, D2C companies, public relations, or any other agencies.

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Is the platform a creator marketplace?

No, helps you connect with the right influencers but is not a marketplace. offers various features and integrations that help you run end-to-end influencer campaigns from a single platform. In addition to finding influencers, you can find industry trends, review competitor campaigns, implement campaigns, and measure the returns.

How is better than other platforms? is voted as a marketer-friendly tool that is extremely easy to use. Brands and agencies can easily set up new campaigns and manage existing ones in a few steps. 

According to our customers, efficiently finds the best influencers and manages end-to-end campaigns. Our analytics features also give detailed insights into your campaigns regarding the engagement generated, estimated media value earned, total reach, audience sentiment analysis, and sales. 

Still, if you need help understanding any feature, our team is always here to assist you! 

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Does using the platform require any prior experience?

Absolutely not! Anyone can start using the influencer management platform without prior knowledge or experience, as we are voted the easiest platform to use by our clients. badges and achievements: Our Users love us and we know for sure because earned a new set of G2 badges this Summer!

How many brands and agencies has the platform catered to?

We are proud to have onboarded a total of 99 loyal brands and agencies globally who trust and use it to scale their influencer campaigns. Our client network spreads across Southeast Asia, the USA, Canada, India, and more regions.

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Is there a preferred browser to use on?

Although there is no specific preferred browser to optimize the use of the platform, Internet Explorer is not recommended. You can use Chrome and Safari, which usually work fine across our database. Features and Integrations

How many influencers does have in its database?

We have over 6 million influencers across five social channels, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Our artificial intelligence software constantly finds and vets relevant influencers to add to the platform's database, containing content creators, bloggers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and social media influencers ranging from macro to nano.

What are some of the benchmarks or features of I can use to identify an influencer's effectiveness?

There are several metrics and features you can use, 

1. Engagement rate (Influencer Profile) - engagement rates fluctuate depending on the influencer tier. Note that the bigger the influencer, typically the lower the engagement rate

2. Branded Content Distribution (Influencer Profile) - a good split would be 60% branded content and 40% non-branded content. Brands can avoid influencers that are averaging high percentages for branded content because your ad can get lost in many other ads and negatively impact engagement 

3. Audience search (Influencer Search) - after keying in keywords under the "Influencer" tab to find the best influencers, you can add on the "Audience" tab to identify which influencer best matches your requirements

4. Total unique followers (Group) - after you have identified a set of influencers, you can put them into a group. Within a group, click on "CALCULATE" under "Total Unique Followers" (for groups of up to 50 influencers only). This will show you a % of unique followers, meaning they only follow 1 influencer and not more than 1. The higher the %, the better - meaning more the unique followers more will be the views of the influencers' posts.

Do influencers get notified when I add them to the platform or access their information?

Influencers do not get notified at all when you upload them or analyze their metrics on our platform. They will only get notified when you use to reach out to influencers by sending them a direct email through InMail.

How many social media channels does support? has a database that contains influencer profiles from five major social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook (Meta), TikTok, and Twitter. 

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Does offer a free trial?

Yes, you can use with all its features for free (no card required, no hidden cost) for 14 days!

What is the pricing of the platform? does not follow a fixed pricing model, as we offer prices according to your needs. You can reach out to us to learn about our customized pricing.

We have three models based on the features you want to use – SME for small businesses, PRO for regular influencer campaigns, and ENTERPRISE for cross-border teams. 

Check out our pricing page to learn more about our models!

Does the platform offer social listening tools?

Not currently, but we keep updating our software according to our client's needs and feedback, so keep your fingers crossed!

Check out our recent product updates!

Does support product deliveries?

Yes, is integrated with Shopify and Magento to automate product deliveries to influencers. The eCommerce integration allows you to streamline the product seeding process and track orders from one platform. 

All you need to do here is add your eCommerce store on and sync the products on the platform. Once that's done, you're all set to send your products to the influencers for the campaign! 

Further, you can invite interested influencers to choose from a list of your products and get them delivered.

How many filters can I add to my search? offers an advanced search engine to find influencers with more than 20 filters, including age ranges, interests, followers, location, follower growth, engagement ratio, audience interests, and more.

How big is's influencer database for a specific region?

Although is a global platform, its influencer database depends on which region you focus your campaign on, as it can vary immensely. Usage and Results

Do influencers need to have a business account or sign up to be on

No, influencers need not have a business account or sign up to be on They can be added to the platform if they have enough data points, like minimal follower count or profile privacy, for us to crawl their social media page.

What are the minimum requirements for influencers to be allowed on the platform?

For us to crawl an influencer's social media profile:

1. The profile needs to be public

2. They should have at least 2000 followers if we look at Nano influencers. However, you can still try to profile an influencer with <2,000 followers, and the system will look at quality and activity to understand if these accounts are real influencers or not

We also look at the type of content and post engagement (likes & comments) they have on their profile.

Is there any limit to the amount of keywords I can use in an influencer search?

No, there is no such limit on the number of keywords you can use in "Interests" or "Biography" - a gentle reminder to use as many keywords as possible and toggle to "or" to expand your search!  

If English is not your region's primary language, feel free to add local language keywords as well.

How can I find industry-related influencers according to my needs? uses artificial intelligence that runs through a mix of different search functions when you first log in to give you the best and most relevant influencers. The platform provides over 20+ filter options to identify suitable influencers from the database. You can apply filters like age, gender, geography, followers, interests, biography, brand affinity, follower growth, and more to narrow your search and look for creators that fit your campaign goals.

How do I identify the most relevant influencers within a certain period?

After keying in all your requirements for influencer search (e.g., Interests, Biography, Brand Mentions), in the Filters tab, click on "Additional Filters" and select from and to dates under "Specific Time Period." The process will show you when influencers are most interested in a keyword or have mentioned a certain brand within that time frame.

How can I find influencers based on my brand's target audience follower requirements?

After inputting all the influencer's requirements under the "Influencer" tab (e.g., Interests, Biography, Brands), you can toggle over to the "Audience" tab (next to "Influencer") and begin keying in your target audience requirements.

Do note that the "Audience" tab acts as a supplementary tab on top of "Influencer" rather than a search tab on its own. Once you've keyed in your audience requirements, the system will generate a % match below the influencer's profile which aims to show the percentage of followers that match your audience requirements.

What do I do if the influencer I want is currently not on the platform?

Although we have a database of 6M+ influencers, many creators are missed.

If you cannot find a particular influencer, click "Upload Influencers" under the "Discovery > Influencers" page in the top right corner. Type the influencers' Instagram user handles and if there is more than one with the same name, separate their handles with a comma, spacing, or on a new line. Once you're done, click "Profile."

You will need to wait for the system to analyze and profile the influencers! Do allow the system some time. Once profiled, you will receive an email informing you if the profiling has been successful or not.

How do I identify if the influencer's Instagram profile is restricted and how do I upload such profiles??

You can identify if an influencer's Instagram profile is restricted if you access their Instagram link via an Incognito browser (e.g., Chrome Incognito). It is restricted if you see the note "You need to be 18 years and above to view page". In this case, we won't be able to upload the influencer's profile as data is restricted and private to us.

What is the difference between creating groups and campaigns, and how do they help?

The 'Group' feature on the platform allows you to segregate similar influencers by adding them to a group. The feature makes it easier for you to return to the group after a certain period of time and not forget influencers you are interested in. Groups do not track the influencer content.

On the other hand, the 'Campaigns' feature is active and forward-looking, where you can track the content posted by influencers.

Why do some influencer profiles have email addresses at the top left while some do not?

Our AI can identify an influencer's email address only if they have added it to their biography. Hence, we can reflect this information on the platform.

Whereas for influencers who do not mention their email information in their biography, we cannot indicate it in the profile.

Using our Advanced Search Filter, you can check "Contact Info Available" below "Additional Filters" to ensure that all influencer search results contain email addresses.

Can an influencer's "Recent Media" track their recently posted stories?

No, Instagram stories are only trackable under "Campaigns." The system will not be able to track stories under "Recent Media" because stories have a time limit and are gone after 24 hours. The influencer will need to deliberately add Hashtags and Brand Mentions to their campaign content for the system to track their stories.

What does “Influencer Brand Affinity” mean on

"Influencer Brand Affinity" refers to brands that an influencer has previously mentioned and tagged in their posts. Brands can understand whether they want to be associated with the particular influencer.

What does “Audience Brand Affinity” mean on the platform?

'Audience Brand Affinity' refers to the top brands an influencer follows. Widely known household brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc., have been removed from the data.

What type of analytical data does provide? provides a complete profile analysis of an influencer with data points like followers, age, gender, location, audience distribution, suspicious followers, brand association, growth of followers, and much more. The data helps you identify which influencers best cater to your target audience, what type of content they create, how they perform on social media, and more. 

Moreover, the platform offers analytical data for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. Data like comment analysis, campaign brief, reach, earned media value, audience analysis, and more helps you determine if your campaigns are working or not. 

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When influencers are tracked within a campaign, is their content updated in real-time?

The campaigns on are updated every 24 hours. Only when campaigns have been updated content from influencers with the Brand Mention/Hashtag will be reflected.

Note that even within each update every 24 hours, influencer content will be updated in batches, explaining why some influencers' content appears before other influencers.

I accidentally deleted my campaign while it was still active. Will these influencers' Instagram content still be tracked?

Once you delete a campaign, influencers are no longer tracked. The campaign will need to be present and active.

If you've accidentally deleted a campaign, we strongly suggest creating a new one immediately and adding the same influencers again, so there is minimal disruption in tracking.

Note that stories are more time-sensitive and cannot be re-pulled after 24 hours if we did not already track the influencer. Posts are less time-sensitive because we can pull them out again if they are still present on the influencer's feed.

What is the minimum time you would need to prove the results?

Once a campaign is executed, it takes about 3-6 months for one to start seeing fruitful results using the platform.

What does activating an influencer mean?

Influencers are said to be activated when they approve a proposal by responding to emails or direct messages and agreeing to collaborate with a brand. The number of activated influencers is dynamic and only makes sense in relation to a time window, like per week or month.

How does help if users cannot activate any influencer for the first week?

At, we are always ready to help you with all your influencer marketing efforts based on your goals and budget. In time of need, we will provide you with tips or resources or even brainstorm ideas together to help scale your campaigns.

What are the pros and cons of emailing versus direct messaging (DM) influencers?

Emailing influencers

Pros: Not as many brands email (compared to DM) influencers 
Cons: You might be reaching out to the manager instead of the influencer directly

DMing influencers

Pros: You are reaching out to influencers directly
Cons: You are competing with a lot of other brands and fan messages that influencers receive

How many activated influencers exist on

On average, 40-60 influencers are activated per month by our clients, i.e., influencers who respond to proposals and participate in the campaign. We aim to take it to 1000 per month!

How is engagement calculated on each social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter)?

Engagement rates are calculated via the following:

1. Facebook = React + Shares + Comments
2. Instagram = Likes + Comments
3. Twitter = Likes + Comments
4. YouTube = Likes + Dislikes + Comments
5. TikTok = Likes + Comments + Shares

Based on the last 100 posts or content up to 1 year ago (whichever is applicable).

Once my campaign has ended, will I be able to reactivate it?

Yes, definitely! Within the campaign you want to activate, you can click on the 3 dots (top right) > edit > change the End date (a few days after today) and click "Save."

The campaign is now active again!

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