An effective data-driven influencer management platform saves time in campaign execution and gives you access to analytical data for performance measurement.

If you want to land the right platform that offers advanced features and data reports, you need to know the platform's features and tools before investing.

Different platforms offer different features to suit individual client needs. Some platforms may only allow you to find influencers through a database, while others will enable you to run end-to-end campaigns, such as the influencer management platform. 

This product FAQ page answers the most common questions about the influencer management platform. It will help you learn in detail about the advanced features of our platform!

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What is
What are the components/modules of the platform?
What are the features under the Find Influencers module?
What are the features under the Manage Collaborations module?
What are the features under the Track Campaigns module?
What are the features under the Measure Performance module?
What are the features under the Industry listening, Brand and Competitor analysis module on
Does the platform provide agency services?
Is the platform a creator marketplace?
Does using the platform require any prior experience?
How is better than other platforms?
How many brands and agencies has the platform catered to?
Is there a preferred browser to use on? Features and Integrations

How many influencers does have in its database?
What are some of the benchmarks or features of I can use to identify an influencer's effectiveness?
Do influencers get notified when I add them to the platform or access their information?
How many social media channels does support?
Does offer a free trial?
What is the pricing of the platform?
Does the platform offer social listening tools?
Does support product deliveries?
How many filters can I add to my search?
How big is's influencer database for a specific region? Usage and Results

Do influencers need to have a business account or sign up to be on
What are the minimum requirements for influencers to be allowed on the platform?
Is there any limit to the amount of keywords I can use in an influencer search?
How can I find industry-related influencers according to my needs?
How do I identify the most relevant influencers within a certain period?
How can I find influencers based on my brand's target audience follower requirements?
What do I do if the influencer I want is currently not on the platform?
How do I identify if the influencer's Instagram profile is restricted and how do I upload such profiles??
What is the difference between creating groups and campaigns, and how do they help?
Why do some influencer profiles have email addresses at the top left while some do not?
Can an influencer's "Recent Media" track their recently posted stories?
What does “Influencer Brand Affinity” mean on
What does “Audience Brand Affinity” mean on the platform?
What type of analytical data does provide?
When influencers are tracked within a campaign, is their content updated in real-time?
I accidentally deleted my campaign while it was still active. Will these influencers' Instagram content still be tracked?
What is the minimum time you would need to prove the results?
What does activating an influencer mean?
How does help if users cannot activate any influencer for the first week?
What are the pros and cons of emailing versus direct messaging (DM) influencers?
How many activated influencers exist on
How is engagement calculated on each social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter)?
Once my campaign has ended, will I be able to reactivate it?

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