Magic Search
Find the Right Influencers In A Flash!

The Power of Advanced Influencer Discovery, In Partnership With Google Cloud.

Experience the future of influencer marketing and discovery!

Combine Text, Image, Lookalikes and Conversational Chat, to give you highly relevant searches tailored to your specific needs.

"Magic Search has truly exceeded my expectations. The UI is appealing and user-friendly, while the fast and responsive search results have been really instrumental for us. The Mood-Board feature has saved me valuable time, allowing me to find influencers whose content and aesthetic perfectly aligns with my brand. Magic Search has streamlined my process, eliminating additional steps and making influencer discovery easier than ever before."

Nathalia Valdivia

Influencer Relations Manager, M2.0 Communications Inc.

So how can you spin the magic?

Simple Search

With Magic Search, finding influencers is as easy as keying in a few words. Our intuitive interface allows you to search for influencers based on your specific criteria, saving you time and effort. Oh and did we mention, you can search using 100+ languages.

Moodboard Search

Have a specific style or aesthetic in mind? Our advanced image-content matching capabilities ensure that you find influencers whose content resonates perfectly with your brand.

Conversational Chat

Love using chatgpt? You can now engage in conversations, provide specific instructions to filter your search further and get influencers results that match your exact requirements.

Lookalike Recommendations

Know the perfect influencer already? Find 100s of similar influencers using a lookalike search. Discover influencers who closely resemble your target audience, who post similar content giving you a much-needed campaign engagement uptick.

No more spending hours to find the right fit or settling for generic results – now you can discover influencers who perfectly align with your brand and campaign objectives in a matter of seconds!

Discover the perfect influencers, with speed, at scale, to elevate your marketing!

"The really cool part was that instead of having the usual learning curve of knowing the platform’s filtering tools and how to best use them, I could just tell the AI exactly what I wanted. It nailed it. It feels like this is how we'll all do talent discovery and sourcing in future, particularly if you're wanting to find underrated/up and coming talent. AI driven features are just going to give some a distinct advantage over others."

Jordan Michaelides

Managing Director, Neuralle