Asian e-Commerce company reaches 66M+ potential customers running a milestone sale campaign with

About the client

The client is an e-commerce company having a stronghold in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

As a part of their key milestone sale campaign, the client sought influencers to engage its targeted audiences of 25-35 years, of which 80% were women and 20% men.

It had experience running influencer marketing campaigns via an agency. But the in-house team spent most of its time creating spreadsheets manually to keep track of stories posted on social media. helped it automate the entire campaign — from finding new influencers to managing them and measuring their overall performance.


Limited network of influencers to execute influencer marketing campaigns. The client wanted to go beyond the agency's micro and nano influencers roster.

Couldn't track the real-time stories and posts by influencers mentioning the brand name or the hashtag.

Lacked analytical tools to measure the campaign's overall reach driven by influencers and the estimated media value.

Solution platform provided automation capabilities to execute a month-long campaign in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Manilla, Singapore and Malaysia.

The company identified macro and nano influencers in these countries using a database of 6M+ creator profiles. It partnered with 300+ influencers and used's inbuilt CRM to track influencer-generated content such as stories, posts, and comments and measured the overall reach driven by influencers.


Generated an estimated reach of 66M+ users in six countries and an earned media value of USD 3M+.

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