How Emma Sleep reached 3M+ people in the Philippines on International Women’s Day

About Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep has been familiar with the potential of influencer marketing in boosting brand awareness and conversions. To have a stronghold within and outside the European market, Emma has worked with influencers in different geographies to promote their innovative sleep-related products.

Since Emma has already expanded to 21 countries across six continents, its challenge lies in building customer trust, brand credibility, and brand awareness, especially in Southeast Asian countries, like the Philippines.

But competition from multiple regional companies makes it arduous for Emma to reach their target audience. The company leveraged International Women’s Day observed on March 8, to outperform competitors and extended it to a month-long celebration to run an influencer marketing campaign. It onboarded ten influencers directly connected to its target audience in the region.


Even before laying out revenue as the benchmark to define the success of their campaigns, Emma took the first step of creating brand awareness. The in-house marketing team knew they could gain more brand awareness through influencer marketing campaigns, the fastest growing marketing channel.

By holding the campaign during Women's Month, it wanted to establish a point of contact between consumers and the product before one would typically decide to purchase it.


Creating brand awareness that could drive revenue required building collaborative relationships with genuine influencers. It could take Emma's overwhelming amount of time and effort for the entire workflow to be smooth – from vetting influencers to monitoring creators' content on several social media channels and streamlining the campaign management. The company needed an influencer marketing platform for the end-to-end execution of the campaign in the Philippines.


When Emma switched to, it had access to 6M+ influencer profiles. The regional team conducted a filtered search to identify relevant influencers in the Philippines. They used features to track ten selected influencers' stories and posts on various social channels. It added value to their in-house mechanism to keep track and monitor content globally.


The Philippines team ran an end-to-end influencer marketing campaign with It had an estimated reach of  3.08 million and  an Earned Media Value (EMV) of USD 168.07K.

" has been instrumental in making our influencer workstreams more efficient and effective across different campaigns in the Philippines. Thanks to Affable, we've also said goodbye to manual tracking of influencer activity and time-consuming downloading of influencer content!"

Dustin Abad
Southeast Asia – Business Development Manager

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