How L'OCCITANE aligned with to run a time-saving, effective influencer marketing campaign on Christmas


L'OCCITANE, a prominent name in organic ingredient-based hair care, body care and skincare products, has taken natural beauty to homes across 90 countries since 1976.

During the Christmas season of 2021, the company wanted to market its special edition Christmas gift sets of body wash and hand creams in Singapore. L'OCCITANE signed up French artist Tristan Bonnemain, who often works with prestigious French fashion houses to create illustrations for these unique gift boxes.


L'OCCITANE needed to find and recruit high-performing micro-influencers in the beauty and lifestyle niche who could increase product visibility on social media channels. It would mean closing on more customers and expanding L'OCCITANE's presence in the Asia Pacific.


Spent countless hours digging out contact details for influencer outreach.

Devoted invaluable man-hours and effort to create spreadsheets containing an influencer's profile data, sponsored posts, and other stats.

No method to distinguish between authentic and fake influencers.

Took screenshots to track stories posted by each influencer.

Had no access to post-campaign analytics, such as the aggregated and individual influencers' engagement rate, reach, etc., to determine the ROI.


L'OCCITANE unlocked the opportunity to run an efficient and productive influencer marketing campaign by aligning with With the new tool at their disposal, the brand onboarded 53 micro-influencers, having over 80,000 followers each, for the Christmas campaign. It reduced the significant time consumed in influencer discovery and campaign management.

Improving the team's efficiency and productivity, L'OCCITANE ran influencer marketing faster than doing things manually. With, they automatically monitored all the stories and posts and measured the target audience's interaction with the influencer's content.


L'OCCITANE had complete access to information about influencers, such as their brand affinity, estimated reach, demographics, and audience interest, before recruiting them.

Data from analytics and reports provided better insights for more informed decision-making.

Generated an estimated reach of 418.10k through 7 posts and 80 stories on Instagram and an Earned Media Value (EMV) of USD 22.75k.

"We would highly recommend for its insights on influencers and tracking and reporting capabilities. The process is a lot easier and convenient in getting details such as engagement rate and reach of influencers, which helps us curate our content more efficiently."

Celisse Ng, Marketing Manager

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