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About Sanicare

Renato Sio started Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc.  in 1996, with the belief that every Filipino should have access to quality hygiene products. The company continues to serve the Philippine market with high quality products at competitive prices. A tissue converter with offices located nationwide, SPCA serves both the retail and institutional markets.

SCPA also takes pride in being the first Philippine brand to come up with innovative tissue solutions for consumers. SCPA only acquires the latest technology to be utilized in product configuration from services to solutions. The company pours continuous efforts in understanding the market behavior in the tissue industry. These efforts resulted in data used by SCPA to produce a hygienic paper line that suits the needs of their consumers.


SCPA is on a mission to provide Filipinos with the best bathroom and hygiene products. It does so via its brands, such as Tisyu, which offers hygienic bathroom essentials. To advocate their cause for better hygiene, SCPA prioritized the creation of a better marketing strategy. They reached out to their target market through in the visual marketing space. They wanted to work with local micro-influencers to create brand awareness and brand adoption.


Penetrating the Philippine demographic and introducing tissue to a water weak country that relies on water for all their bathroom hygiene needs. Getting people to adopt the ideology that water and tissue can co-exist together for better bathroom hygiene.

Finding the right people to advocate for Tisyu, which is known for its coreless tissues (the first of its kind in the Philippines)

Spending a lot of money working with third party agencies where there is a lot of back and forth. Communicating the exact needs with the influencer is expensive in terms of both cost and time.

Difficulty in finding credible influencers due to the lack of tools that will help us match the right people for the brand. It affects brand safety too, because it is difficult to manually look for what brands the influencers have worked with before and how they performed.

No metrics to analyze influencers or the campaigns they worked on. Only relying on likes, views and impressions. Lacked tools to track ROI and campaign success.


Using’s pool of diverse influencers and filters, which ranges from consumer interests to audience demographic and geography, could help SCPA achieve its goals of finding relevant local brand ambassadors for their products - Tisyu.

Access to influencers' previous content, brand partnerships and performance helped SCPA determine the right people for their brand. This ease of finding the right data to shortlist influencers reduced their time and effort spent to do the same to less than two weeks.

The convenience of having all the necessary components for campaigns, such as influencers, two-way communication with influencers without the need for a third-party agency, collaborations, and results, all in one place has enabled SCPA to operate campaigns more efficiently.

Campaign reports providing an overview of all financial expenditure and the associated returns on investment. This is beneficial to the company as they are highly focused on the ROI. These reports also help them finetune their campaigns and their search for influencers.


2500% ROI on the Taboo Talks campaign which witnessed a whopping 32% response rate from influencers.

Reached 251.23K+ people through 151 posts across Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook across 22(out of 69) influencers on Instagram. Generated an Estimated Media Value (EMV) of almost PH844.73K.

Ran influencer discovery, discussions and collaborations at scale in less two weeks.

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