SUGAR Cosmetics teams up with 1.2k creators for IWD campaign and reaches 10Mn potential customers, using


SUGAR Cosmetics is India’s fastest-growing premium cosmetics brand with a product portfolio that has consistently received excellent reviews across its own and partner channels. It is a cruelty-free makeup brand that is high on style and higher on performance. The brand is inspired by and targeted towards bold, independent women who refuse to be stereotyped into roles. With a cult-following across millennials, SUGAR targets 25 to 35-year-old women with clutter-breaking products. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities across Germany, Italy, India, USA and Korea, the brand ships its best selling products across Lips, Eyes, Face and Nail categories across the world.

Influencer marketing has become an essential part of a brand's marketing strategy, and SUGAR Cosmetics is no exception. They know the power of working with influencers who have a big following and know how to spread the word about their brand and products. By teaming up with these influencers, SUGAR taps into their followers' interests, creating a buzz that's hard to ignore. That's why SUGAR Cosmetics has become one of the hottest consumer brands in India on Instagram!

In a conversation with Suraj Shukla, SUGAR's strategic lead on all things influencer marketing, he sheds light on the team's meticulous approach of executing impactful campaigns and successful product launches with


Before using, Suraj's team faced several challenges due to manual processes. They had to analyze and track insights from thousands of influencers manually, which was time-consuming and required significant bandwidth from the whole team. They also had to connect with influencers individually to gather information such as demographics, reach, and insights. Communicating through DMs on Instagram was not preferred, as it lacked professionalism, data to derive profile insights and made it challenging to track conversations amidst numerous DMs.

The biggest challenges SUGAR faced with the manual interventions were:

• Tracking campaign performance and calculating CPR (Cost per Reach) was time-consuming and dependent on influencers' responsiveness.

• Obtaining demographic data of influencers in mass campaigns was difficult, especially with non-paid collaborations.

• Maintaining a cooperative and reliable relationship with influencers for sharing necessary information and insights was very hard due to the absence of a centralized platform.

• This further resulted in delays, miscommunication, and a tedious process of manually collecting data from various sources.

• Analyzing and deriving meaningful insights from the collected data to understand campaign effectiveness and identify successful strategies was difficult because of the fragmented nature of the data.


However, the adoption of helped SUGAR Cosmetics overcome these challenges and streamlined their influencer management process.

The platform provided a centralized hub for tracking and analyzing influencer insights, saving the team valuable time and effort. By leveraging the power of automation, SUGAR could efficiently gather essential data like demographics, reach, and post-campaign insights. This not only facilitated smoother post-mortem analysis but also enhanced their ability to make data-driven decisions and optimize future campaigns. The organized and all-in-one platform of further improved communication, ensuring clear and streamlined conversations with influencers, without the hassle of lost messages or scattered DMs.

The most standout features of for SUGAR are:

Brand Comparison

SUGAR gained a competitive edge by comparing their brand with competitors. They filtered out influencers already working with their competitors, ensuring unique collaborations that set them apart.

Advanced Filters

SUGAR delved deeper into influencer analytics using's advanced filters. They utilized suspicious follower count and engagement ratios to identify authentic influencers, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Content Discovery

SUGAR stayed relevant in the dynamic social media landscape by leveraging's content discovery tool. They study competitor content and trends almost every week to adapt their strategies and deliver compelling brand presence.


SUGAR Cosmetics ran a successful #BeYourOwnMuse campaign on International Women’s Day, powered Over 1,200 influencers joined the campaign, reaching a massive 10 million people. Through heartfelt videos, women shared their past insecurities and offered advice to their younger selves. SUGAR Cosmetics aimed to inspire confidence, urging women to embrace their flaws and ignore negative opinions. By leveraging the platform, SUGAR could reach out to influencers at this scale and successfully manage them and derive meaningful insights from the fragmented data, enabling a deeper understanding of campaign effectiveness and the identification of such successful strategies.

I would like to express my appreciation for the incredible support we receive from Our collaboration with Debra (Customer Success) has been truly invaluable, and their customer support consistently goes above and beyond to provide us with the help we need. What truly stands out about is their commitment to our satisfaction. Even if a particular feature is not currently available in their tool, they never fail to explore possibilities and find solutions for us. We are continuously impressed by their dedication and willingness to meet our needs.

Suraj Shukla, Influencer Marketing Manager

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