How Revolutionized Zenyum's Influencer Marketing Efforts!

About Zenyum

Zenyum is a consumer-focused healthcare brand revolutionizing the dental industry. With a mission to simplify and enhance smile journeys, Zenyum offers affordable dental treatments that actually work. Founded in Singapore in 2018, Zenyum brings together a team of experienced tech entrepreneurs and doctors to provide Smile Cosmetics manufactured under the highest quality standards.By partnering with expert dentists across Asia, Zenyum ensures the highest level of care for its customers. Operating in multiple countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, Zenyum is transforming the way people approach dental care with convenience and affordability at the core.

What problem does Zenyum face with their influencer marketing efforts?

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, marketers at Zenyum face numerous challenges in effectively communicating the true effectiveness of their products. Zenyum experienced these challenges firsthand. In this blog, we'll explore how Zenyum leveraged to enhance their influencer marketing strategies and drive impactful business outcomes.

Streamlining Influencer Discovery and Quality Check

Before using, Zenyum relied on multiple platforms to identify high-quality influencers while ensuring they had genuine and engaged followers. The process was time-consuming and inefficient. However, with's comprehensive search capabilities using 20+ filters to filter out from, and having detailed analytics, Zenyum was able to discover influencers more efficiently. The standout features from the platform for Zenyum included distinguishing between branded and non-branded content, identifying suspicious followers, and benchmarking engagement rates against similar influencers. This streamlined approach significantly improved Zenyum's influencer discovery and quality check processes.

Centralized Performance Tracking

Managing multiple influencers and tracking their performance across campaigns was another challenge for Zenyum. Previously, they had to manually compile data from different platforms, resulting in a tedious and error-prone process. provided Zenyum with a centralized dashboard to track the performance of multiple influencers seamlessly. They could monitor metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversions, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimizing campaign strategies in real-time and all at one place.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

As a healthcare brand, Zenyum faced strict regulations when it came to marketing their products. played a crucial role in helping them adhere to these regulations. The platform provided insights into influencers' audience demographics, allowing Zenyum to ensure that their messaging reached the right target audience while maintaining compliance with regional regulations. With, Zenyum could confidently collaborate with influencers and effectively communicate the safety results, transformation, and core benefits of their oral care solutions.

Efficient Onboarding and Training's user-friendly interface and intuitive features significantly reduced the time and effort required to onboard and train new team members at Zenyum. The platform's simplicity allowed team members to quickly familiarize themselves with the influencer management process, eliminating the need for extensive training. Zenyum could internally source and analyze trends, eliminating the need to outsource these tasks to external agencies. This not only saved costs but also ensured a seamless workflow within the marketing team.

Conclusion proved to be a game-changer for Zenyum's influencer marketing efforts. By streamlining influencer discovery, providing centralized performance tracking, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating efficient onboarding.With's support, Zenyum effectively leveraged influencer collaborations to communicate the true effectiveness, safety results, and core benefits of their oral care products, ultimately driving business growth and maximizing brand exposure.

"Overall using is a really great experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface has made it highly intuitive and easy to use for us."

Morgan Lee
Head of Country Marketing 

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