Measure Return-On-Investment


Don't let your influencer campaign investments go unnoticed. Gain visibility into the effectiveness of your influencers. Track and measure the ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns to ensure your budget is well-spent.

Uncover key metrics for your Instagram Stories with's campaign reports of verified influencers. Track EMV, Estimated Reach, and Estimated Impressions, gaining valuable insights to optimize your influencer campaigns.

Invite influencers to share their valuable business insights directly through's approved Instagram API. Gain unique perspectives and data-driven information to improve your marketing strategies.

With's seamless integration with Bitly, measuring link clicks has never been easier. Create unique links for each influencer to accurately capture the clicks driven to your website.

Measure sales generated by influencers with Create unique discount codes for each influencer and track their individual performance. Our integration with Shopify enables automatic affiliate code generation and tracking, saving you time and effort.

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