Effortlessly Collaborate With Influencers, At Scale with Content Approval feature!

Content Approval aims to make it easier for brands and users to automate and scale the approval of influencer content. Content Approval enables users to ensure safety guidelines are met to create content that resonates with the brand's values

Get rid of the constant back and forth while approving content!

Streamline influencer content collaboration with our Content Approval feature. Say goodbye to time-consuming coordination and back-and-forth communication, and effortlessly manage and scale your campaigns with ease. Elevate your brand with simplified influencer content creation.

Streamline and review your content approval process with four easy steps

Send unique and secure links to influencers, allowing them to submit content drafts. Receive notifications upon receiving draft content, review, share comments, or approve content within the same space. Track all content approval statuses in one place, streamlining the process and facilitating seamless follow-up with influencers for pending comments. This helps cut down so much manual effort and time.

Streamline paid influencer campaign also with Content Approval

Enhance your fixed-pay influencer campaigns by clubbing it with Content Approval feature. Now, brands can effortlessly approve paid influencer content before it goes live. Additionally, brands can also send bulk content approval links to all influencers simultaneously via the mail feature.

Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Success!
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