Creator Portal: Your all-in-one campaign management workflow

Creator portal eliminates major bottlenecks that brands encounter while executing influencer campaigns. Be it seamless recruitment of influencers or product send-outs or managing influencer preferences and affiliate codes or clearly setting out terms and conditions, Creator Portal automates every step of the entire process!


Campaign Brief Creation in minutes!

Crafting a compelling campaign brief with Creator portal is a breeze. Easily create or modify a campaign brief with the campaign title, description, and image. Our pre-configured templates optimize the process, saving brands time and effort while minimizing errors.

Elevate Your Influencer Product Seeding integrates with both Shopify and Magento, enabling:
a)Importing products and Affiliate discount groups from your Shopify / Magento store.
b)Allowing influencers to select size, quantities, and product variants of their choice.

Seamless Fixed Pay for Influencers

Set or customize payment offers for influencers' posts, and even negotiate pricing and commissions with ease. Collect influencers' PayPal email IDs for direct and efficient payments. Enjoy a seamless payment process, whether made offline or through's platform.

Amplify Your D2C Brand with Influencer-Centric Affiliate Marketing

Empower D2C brands with Shopify and Magento integrations through's powerful creator portal feature - Affiliate Marketing. Effortlessly create affiliate codes and links, specifically tailored for influencers. Say goodbye to manual copy-pasting and human errors, as influencers receive auto-generated affiliate codes to share with their followers. The unique link automatically applies the coupon at checkout, simplifying the process and boosting sales. Set commission percentages or fixed values per sale easily.

Tailored Task Briefs and Content Rights Management

Using the portal, brands can create a brief for each task, indicating whether it is required or optional. Additionally, they have the capability to obtain content rights from influencers for the content with transferable rights and licenses. Moreover, the portal allows one to upload brand assets and reference files such as images, videos, and PDFs, facilitating influencers in understanding their requirements effectively.

Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Success!
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