's Generative AI- Skye: Unveiling the Next Generation of Influencer Marketing

Introducing Skye: The Revolutionary AI Companion for Marketers. Developed by in collaboration with Google Cloud, Skye pioneers a new era of influencer marketing with cutting-edge Generative AI technology. Seamlessly discover influencers, collaborate effortlessly, manage campaigns, and track performance, all within Skye.

Features That Skye Apart

Intelligent Influencer Discovery

Skye employs advanced Generative AI algorithms to meticulously analyze vast data sets, ensuring precise influencer recommendations tailored to your search query.
Add in your queries through text, images, mood-boards!

Expand Your Network Effortlessly

Discover similar influencers effortlessly with Skye's Lookalike Recommendations. Click a button and instantly receive a curated list of influencers similar to your chosen one. Expand your reach, find fresh collaboration opportunities, and save time.

Streamline Collaboration with Automated Invites

Focus on what matters most—building meaningful partnerships and impactful campaigns—while Skye handles the administrative tasks. Skye types out personalized influencer collaboration emails on your behalf, ensuring a professional touch and expediting the collaboration process.

Brand Integrity Assurance

Skye, your vigilant assistant, goes the extra mile to safeguard your brand's reputation. Skye keeps a watchful eye on the comments section of influencer posts, promptly alerting you to any negative comments that may demand immediate attention.

Experience the Power of Skye

Skye is here to streamline your influencer marketing campaigns, enhance performance, and mitigate risks. Find the perfect influencer match with Magic Search, expand your network with Lookalike Recommendations, refine your search through conversation, streamline collaboration with automated email generation, and protect your brand with real-time monitoring.

Experience the future of influencer marketing with Skye. Discover how this AI companion can accelerate your campaigns and unlock unprecedented results.

“By integrating its proprietary database with semantic search capabilities and foundation models on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to power Skye, is turning tasks that used to take hours into quicker searches and conversational explorations, reimagining end-to-end influencer marketing as we know it, and transforming the novelty of generative AI into tangible value for its customers and business. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with forward-thinking companies like to drive new industry use cases with bold and responsible AI innovation,”

Sherie Ng

Country Director, Singapore


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