Top 1000 Design youtube influencers in United Kingdom

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Will Paterson

Hi! Welcome to my Youtube Channel! On here, I'll take you through my walk in the Graphic Design Career, giving you an in depth and personal perspective of working within Graphic Design. I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer specialising in Logo Design and Brand Identity.

Nyel Camilon

a Filipino architect and retail designer based in London, England. I talk about design, architecture, interior design, retail design and construction on this channel.

Amrani & Roy

We're Janet Amrani and Cabrini Roy, and we are Amrani & Roy! Two Fashion Design (Cabrini) and Fashion Promotion & Imaging (Janet) students living in London.

Jill Bearup

The home of Jill Bearup (Sword Lady and stage fighting enthusiast). Here you'll find movie fight analysis, costume design from a 'someone has to fight in that' perspective, how to fight in a dress, and, occasionally, corset-related maths. Welcome!

UH Studio Design Academy

Hi there, and thanks for checking in :) UH Studio is headed by Dimitar P., AIA, a licensed architect in the US, exploring technical and theoretical concepts about architecture. Dimitar has over ten years experience as a designer in the US and the UK working in some of the world's leading architecture studios. As an energetic designer, passionate youtuber, and a keen educator, he is excited to share ways to improve both technical and theoretical design skills and to expose how architects think and do to a wider audience. Currently, we are producing technical videos on well known and lesser known tools for architectural design, including Blender, Freecad, Rhino, Grasshopper, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo. We also review the best hardware tech for architects and designers. And we are working on producing new content looking more into the design aspect of architecture. If you would like to work with UH Studio or wish to send a product for review, feel free to contact us below.

Oliur / UltraLinx

Videos on tech, design and lifestyle :)

Kerry Paulazzo

I'm a creative multimedia designer specialising in web design, graphic design, animation and digital illustration.

Joseph Smith

Teaching web design, and development tutorials.

Sophie Paterson

Sophie Paterson Interiors is a London and Surrey based design studio specialising in luxury residential interiors throughout the UK and overseas for both private clients and developers. Led by Sophie our experienced team of talented interior designers and interior architects provide a personalised design service to create detail driven, luxury interiors that perfectly suit their context, the client’s needs and will stand the test of time. In this new series we go behind the scenes with Sophie Paterson and reveal everything that goes into creating high end interior design, showcasing some of our never before seen completed projects where we'll share with you design tips and idea's you can apply into your own interiors at home. Follow us on Social Media : Website :​ Instagram :​

Alice Thorpe

I'm Alice Thorpe, I'm a freelance Graphic Designer and YouTuber. My mission is to share the ups and downs of being a 20-something freelance graphic designer and digital creative. I welcome all levels of expertise and creativity. Browse my videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced graphic design tutorials. Learn how to draw, illustrate and hand letter your way to creative freedom through graphic design. Want to learn how to draw digital art? Watch my popular Procreate tutorial Using Procreate: 10 Tips for Beginners. Maybe you're looking to learn logo design or illustration, do this by following my Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials. Alongside all of the learning, you can join me in my studio vlogs. A safe space for an honest and friendly chat with like-minded people looking to expand their graphic design career! So grab your creative mind, and let's get making! Love, Alice x

Drinking By My Shelf

I'm Emma Oulton, a massive bookworm and full time booktuber over at Book Break. This channel is all about books, with a side of wine! Channel design: Leora Kannekens


🚀 I started this channel a few years ago to upskill my then-design team. With intent on proper user experience methods, rapid UX prototyping, service design, etc. at a scale. Gladly the content is also relevant for many researchers and designers alike across the globe. 🧔 Who am I: UX research and design team manager, experience design lead, strategist, and among other things accidentally UX design educator. 👋 Get in touch: social links below, design squad UX community, or Note I try to respond to most of the polite and considerate emails, however, given the time constraints it might take a while. The shorter and more specific the query - the quicker the response! ✉️ Get the latest (best) updates:


Interested in music or design? In this channel, I delve into novel and interesting aspects of song-writing, composition, visual aesthetics and design-oriented disciplines with the goal of being both informative, well researched and entertaining. This channel isn’t about repeating material you can find elsewhere. I am an active composer with national and international awards in classical composition and a UX/UI designer with experience working on software that’s used by millions of people (I’ve worked on high profile projects for Microsoft, PlayStation and Ubuntu). I also like to occasionally have a bit of fun – so you’ll sometimes see me being a little mean. Why not? It’s YouTube.

Sam Does Design

Hello! I'm an industrial designer and I break down my design process in videos including tutorials, walk-throughs, and how-tos. I also share my thoughts on the wider world of design, and give tips for people breaking into the industry. I've worked in London as a designer for the last 5 years, and I also run the Sam Does Design Instagram page, where I share behind the scenes content.


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