Top 1000 Fitness youtube influencers in United Kingdom

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Vegan Physique

Vegan food and fitness, compassionate living and the pursuit of happiness. Reaching goals sustainably. Follow me on my journey! Official Site:

Anita Goa

Anita Goa TV is a Yoga and Fitness channel. Anita Goa offers yoga, fitness and wellbeing tips to stay balanced in the ebb and flow of life.

Jade Joselyn

Hi! My name is Jade and I’m grateful you clicked on my channel 😊 I like to share my life, my love for fitness and high vibrations to inspire you to live a healthy & abundant life! I post about all things fitness, workouts, healthy eating and life vlogs so hit subscribe if you want to join my fitness journey or maybe start your own! Business inquires - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! Jade

Leilah Isaac

Welcome to my belly dance channel! Here you will find a range of belly dance workouts, as well as choreographies and other fitness challenges to make you feel amazing! I am a fitness professional, a belly dancer and an actor! I have made this channel to inspire other to belly dance and live an active life. You can find out more about me on my website: I hope you enjoy dancing with me!

Alex Crockford

I am a Fitness model, trainer and the creator of the #CrockFit App! It is my mission to motivate, inspire & educate you to be fitter, healthier & happier!

Bela Fernandez

A bitta everything! Fitness, fashion, lifestyle and make up 💜

Chanel Coco Brown

Chanel Brown is a lifestyle blogger most commonly known for her dedication to the fitness and beauty industry. Former commercial model, Chanel, now dedicates her time in motivating others in leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. Her passion for fitness led her into becoming an inspirational icon to people around the world, Chanel continues to promote motivational videos and posts in order to encourage others to get fit and lead the lifestyle they deserve.

Coach Richard

Fitness Channel International Athlete. 400m sprinter. Personal Trainer. Hit subscribe and lets smash it together!


Hi. I’m Rachael Okesola and I'm the creator of Afrifitness and an expert in African fitness & wellness. If you're looking for fun Afrobeat dance workout videos then you've come to the right place. I firmly believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone regardless of where you live in the world. No matter what shape or size you are or where you are in your journey, my aim is to inspire, motivate, and teach you to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will change your life forever. The Afrifitness training style incorporates various techniques including African Dance, Resistance Training and High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) as you move to the powerful beats of African music. Don't waste your time with exercises that burn minimal calories - my dance fitness workouts will have you loving keeping fit and will burn major calories too. You'll even learn some cool dance moves at the same time.

Gabriel Sey

My Name is Gabriel Sey and Welcome to My Youtube Channel. Being purely a Fitness Youtuber for so long, I have always posted workout tips & tricks to help those that may not be able to afford personal training. Then I got married and had a kid, and have become the Active Black Dad. From Transforming my families fitness lives, Family Vlogs, Dad DIY, Fitness Tips, to Challenging myself to become the best me , Dad & Husband and also inspire others to do the same. Follow me on Insta @gabriel_sey


I help people change their lives through fitness!💪🏼 Train with me on my fitness app. 💗 14 DAY FREE TRIAL:


Hi, I am Nicola and I love all things fitness! I believe a fitness should be a lifestyle choice - but sometimes we need a bit of guidance to be able to reach those goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, Get fired up with HIT workouts or build muscle this channel will cover all aspects of obtaining an all round fit lifestyle to keep you feeling and looking your best. By day I work as a financial adviser, but having been a fitness fanatic for over a decade - I want to pass on my passion and love of fitness and knowledge I have gathered over the years to you - let's have fun. I will be uploaded weekly fitness videos so keep subscribed so that you do not miss them. Nicola x

GoGreenGoLean - Susana Tsang

Susana Tsang. Fitness Addict | Fashion | Lifestyle Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduate Born and Raised in London Decided to pack and start my early days of adulthood exploring Hong Kong/pursuing in this 'engineering dream' whilst maintaining my fitness journey! Lots of love to you all out there Still a Youtube newbie, so excuse any poor quality videos : ) Instagram: gogreengolean Email:

Chillin With TJ

Hey people! This channel is mainly based around fitness vlogs and tips but I do also create vlogs about my life and when I travel and how I balance my life with every day situations. So my videos are HIGHLY relatable to Most regular people. No Ferrari here lol! I'm just your friendly neighbourhood black fitness vlogger from the UK :). The channel is now called Chillin With TJ but it was previously called Pure Muscle Gains (PMG). My Fitness channel shows my journey of building muscle and losing Fat! I also have meal prep videos, Full day of eatings, fitness tip videos and many gym vlogs / day in the life and travel vlogs. So basically, just a normal guy thats also into fitness that you can follow along too. Follow me on my journey and learn to build a better body, whether it being getting shredded or building muscle. Unlike many other fitness channels you will be able to follow along and measure my progress over the months/years & decide whether my workouts are for you.

Ram Ghuman

What's going on guys! Let me help you achieve your goals and make your dreams into reality! SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY FITNESS VIDEOS!


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