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I Make FIFA Videos, Gaming Videos & In Real Life Videos :)


JAYBOLA LIFE SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR GAMING, FOOD, FITNESS, VEHICLES AND COMPETITIONS Check out my Facebook page and give it a like to find out about the next competition!


FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Check out my 2nd gaming channel 'EzekielFUT' for the FIFA RTG series Check out my other channel 'EzekielN7' for supercar vlogs and general automotive content


Film-maker, animator, voice-actor, music composer and big-time gamer! I mostly make gaming videos and animations!

Top Hat Gaming Man

The Top Hat Gaming Man is a Gaming YouTuber who covers over 40 years of gaming history on his channel. He has produced a number of in-depth documentary-style videos on a number of different gaming platforms including consoles which have never seen releases. He has also produced a series on the channel known as Handhelds Around The World which has so far been shot across five different continents looking at various handheld systems, discussing whether or not they are still worth playing today. The Top Hat Gaming Man has used his showmanship gained from over a decade of Pro Wrestling experience and combined it with his knowledge of gaming, procured from a life time of collecting. Together he has used this skill set to produce one of the fastest growing YouTube channels within the retro gaming community. Twitter @TopHatGamingMan


SquiddyPlays - iBallisticSquid's second gaming channel! Hope you guys enjoy!


Welcome to the Oli White gaming channel! Join me as I play a variety of the most exciting video games, often joined by my brother James White, or other YouTubers as guests! Pick a video and let’s jump in with GTA V, Minecraft, Fortnite, the scariest horror games, VR experiences, and a broad selection of other video game genres. Let me know what gameplays and play-throughs you would like to see. Be sure to smash that subscribe button, and hit the bell button to be notified when I upload a new gaming video, so you never miss another video!


JackersEdit brings to life unforgettable experiences and shared journeys through an evolutionary gaming-music-video genre. Exploring the most versatile and exhilarating songs by talented artists globally, JackersEdit lights the path for listeners and gaming enthusiasts. ►GMV (Gaming Music Video) This channel centers upon 4K ultra HD edited contents. We consider the footages used, the relevance they have to match the song and the pacing of the story for each music videos, to create original entertainments for the best fans! ►Music Artists/Labels If you would like your music to be featured on JackersEdit, feel free to contact us via email and our team will make a GMV with your songs! Not guaranteed, but we'll always do our best! ►Jacker's GMV Promotions Want to boost your views and watch-time hours? The only service that allows GMV creators to get their videos known to our audience. Join now by visiting the link below! Updated Since 21st Nov 2021 © 2021 JackersEdit


Hey There! and welcome to my Youtube Channel! On this channel you can expect awesome fresh Gaming content with some vlogs in between of my adventures! Be sure to subscribe if you enjoy my content, I upload daily so you will be sure to get your gaming fix whether that be; ► Roblox ► Or anything I feel like playing that day Minecraft Account Username = Its_Bear Roblox Account Username = ItsBearOfficial Twitch (Livestreaming) - For Business Inquiries - Epic Creator Tag: ITSBEAR


Hi Home dogs, Sunpi here! Im here for the fun! If you like variety gaming, lifestyle, reactions, and CREATIVE content- Then STICK around! I love gaming & fitness and playing games im bad at... like fortnite and cupped and demon souls! Urgh... Dont know why I do it to myself! Anyway Im here for a good time, sub and lets GET IT


My name is Wayne and I'm from Northern Ireland. TheMusicalKnight is a channel dedicated to gaming. I play mostly Minecraft for the xbox and PC. CCNQTvRO


▌YouTuber ➽Video tutti i giorni! ▧ Pagina Facebook per aggiornamenti in tempo reale, pubblicazioni di foto ed altro! ∞ Il mio pc da gaming: -Intel Core i5 760 Lynnfield (Quad core, 2.8 Ghz , 8MB Cache ) -MSI NVidia GeForce gtx560 ti Hawk (un core 1.2 ghz, 1 gb ram gddr5 @ 4.5 ghz ) -8 GB Ram 1999mhz Corsair Vengeance -HD 1 TB 7200 RPM -Corsair Gaming series 800 -Cooler Master 690 II Advanced

Let's Play Games


Daddy Gamer

Dad by Day x Gamer by Night I am a passionate player, who has been playing games since Super Mario Bros. when I could hold a controller (1990). I am also a young father and the main reason I started my YouTube channel is because of a stigma that fathers should stop gaming once they become responsible. I couldn't disagree more, everyone should always be encouraged to enjoy their passions - it just needs to be equally weighed with your duties as a father, student, worker, husband, partner etc. So I started a YouTube channel to show the world Fathers who Game can be both amazing players and amazing fathers and in turn, I have built a community of young gaming enthusiasts who find my channel a safe haven where we can all be gaming nerds together, as well as a role model in life in general. What has been created I am truly proud of and I only wish my channel/community grows bigger.


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