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The luy luy family

Welcome to monkey luy luy channel. The videos that post on this channel is all about a baby monkey which we're mother adopting. And this cute little baby monkey is being abandoned by its mother which was killed by the hunter. This poor baby we consider as our own famlily member. We hope you like the videos,if so, please subscribe&like. Thank you.

Viral Amazing Fisher

Welcome to my channel This Viral Amazing Fisher channel make videos Real Fishing all the time. Don't forget like, comment and share for videos or share to friend about my videos about Fisher. i love you all ! →Subscribe here : →© NOTICE: All of my videos are owned by Viral Amazing Fisher. Please don't re-upload if you don't want to get any copyright issues. →® Notice : If you know about easy fishing Please Contact me 24 hour Thank you for watching my channel!!

Manavy Monkey

Welcome to Manavy Monkey We make videos About Monkeys, Pets and Animals. Please support us with your love like share and subscribe. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much for watching!


អាស្មាន is my childhood nickname. This channel is about outdoor activities (camping, hiking, sheltering, food, fire, etc.) I wish my goals would work well for this channel videos: - Camping and Adventure - Survival Series - Bicycle Touring - Venturing by motorbike across countries


I'm not a Pro Youtuber or videographer. I started videography in 1997 when I was around 28 years old. In April 1998, I submitted my 1st video to participate at a TV FUN VIDEO competition (in Singapore) and won the 1st prize: one Panasonic Camcorder. Video making is part of my life (just like writing daily). I like to make unboxing video when I buy new thing and I love acting too. Although I got no chance to act in big movie screen but at least I can act in small YOUTUBE screen. Video making is a form of art. I will never ask anyone to subscribe my Channel or give my video a thumb up because I will not know whether you enjoy, like, dislike or even hate it. I'm not expert in fishes or anything , all my videos here are for my own memory and to share with my family, relatives and my YouTube friends. (LIOW VIDEO 1997 -- 2020) “人生离合有多少,分离只是在迟早,段段影片留记忆,往事回味是最好” 本人喜爱摄影及拍短片, 它能把我的记忆及美好的生活片段留住以便日后回味观赏。在过去二十多年里, 我拍摄了许多家庭及宠物的短片,所以开了这个频道上载一些影片与同好们分享。人死了财产带不走,只有作品是永远的,所以我很用心去制作每一部短片, 有不好的地方请多多原谅 .

Home KH

How do you do everyone !! today i want to show you about food and cook food in Cambodia. Hope you enjoy with my videos and Subscribe my channel. Please Help click Subscribe- like share Comments. Thank You So Mach For Watch My Video ! Please Good Luck everytime

Anna Love

OFW LIFE IN SINGAPORE 🇸🇬 / from Philippines 🇵🇭/ just making videos for daily routine with the dogs and my self .. hope you enjoy my channel. 😘

Kong Yuen Sing

A "Be Kind To Pets" veterinary educational project to teach vet students and pet owners to provide the best care for their pets, sponsored by Toa Payoh Vets, Case studies are researched and discussed.

Tabitha Nauser



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