First Day reduces influencer marketing costs by 63% with

Leveraging, First Day was able to decrease its influencer marketing cost by 63% and save 120 hours while running multiple campaigns

About First Day

First Day is a health and wellness company that creates natural multivitamins for kids, teens, men, and women and a joint supplement with a mission to raise healthy and happy families.

The D2C company launched in 2017 has long understood the importance of influencer marketing in creating brand awareness and recruiting potential influencers who can convert into ambassadors for product promotion.


First Day needed an all-in-one solution that simplified and automated influencer outreach on social media channels. Managed product gifting and generated links and discount codes to track engagement and sales driven by influencers — at an affordable cost and without a locking period of six months to one year.


First Day paid a hefty price to CreatorIQ with a lock-in period of almost 12 months to run influencer marketing campaigns.

Creator IQ could narrow its influencer search to Instagram and TikTok, affecting outreach on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other channels.

Spent countless hours on spreadsheets to manage and track influencers' stories and posts.

A long-term commitment with the solution provider.

Solution optimised influencer marketing by allowing First Day to manage everything on one platform. Without letting the company spend a fortune, it gave First Day access to influencers across multiple social media channels, pulled in the posted content, and offered real-time tracking of stories and videos.

First Day could make product orders directly in and ship them in bulk in just a few clicks. The tool enabled them to track individual influencer performance by generating discount codes and unique links. The three-month commitment with let them create a proof of concept that translated into effective campaigns.


Saved 63% cost of running end-to-end influencer marketing campaigns

Saved 120 hours in two months by switching from manual to automated product gifting.

Got rid of manual tasks and spreadsheets

Why Customers Love

" has a tremendous impact on cutting down the overall cost and time to run campaigns. It expanded our demographic outreach, reduced the manual task of maintaining spreadsheets and easily integrated with the affiliate platforms we have been working with"

Jesse Liebman, Marketing Director

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