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Fresh, a beauty brand started in 1991, offers a wide variety of skincare, lip care, body care, and fragrance made from natural ingredients. The brand has brick-and-mortar stores in 16 countries and ships its products online across the globe. To win the  digital competition among beauty brands putting their products to the forefront, Fresh, in October 2022, launched its new product – Tea Elixir Serum.

Fresh’s marketing plan needed to take advantage of the online momentum to outperform the competitors. Often, marketing strategies created a year in advance based on forecasts produce different outcomes. Going with the current influencer marketing trends, Fresh wanted to be ahead of the competition and engage its potential customers.

Bringing influencers to run the campaigns proved to be a good marketing tactic to shape customer perception and boost Fresh’s e-commerce business. It was also to strengthen their product launch, achieve brand goals, maximize social media results, and garner better audience engagement.


Fresh aimed to increase its global e-commerce sales with its new Tea Elixir Serum launch. Compared to the footfall and sales driven by the brick-and-mortar stores, Fresh needed a cost-effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy to foster engagement and recruit influencers who could advertise deals on the Tea Elixir Serum.


Executed influencer marketing campaigns in-house since the Covid-19 pandemic. Spent countless hours painstakingly locating the influencers on Instagram.

No tools to conduct data analytics into influencer’s engagement rate, suspicious follower count, brand affinity, etc., before recruiting them.

Couldn’t conduct real-time monitoring of  influencer stories, posts, and videos and track the results driven by influencers.


Using, Fresh identified at least 92 influencers for their campaign on Instagram, which began roughly 1.5 months before the release of Tea Elixir Serum. These individuals included mothers, athletes, local business owners, and male pet influencers. The platform's multiple filters gave in-depth insights into each influencer's brand, affinity, audience interest, follower count, branded and non-branded content, and average engagement rate. Fresh managed to oversee all influencers in one place and monitor their individual and collective effectiveness in promoting conversions.


Reached 5.80M+ people through 28 posts and  269 stories by 92 influencers on Instagram.

Generated an Estimated Media Value (EMV) of almost SGD 427.7K

What drew us to was its smart methodology in data collection and presentation. team has been very helpful in addressing questions and constantly improving the platform to better suit partner needs!

Hui Yan, Shopee & StyleHaul provides a simple to use platform for us to find and engage online influencers. Built for the data-driven marketer, I’m liking what I see… and use!

Jeremy, We Communications

We love holistic capabilities for campaign management on Instagram. We are glad to learn that the team is also enhancing the experience for TikTok based on our feedback. Since TikTok is a channel of significance for us, we are happy with agility in supporting partners like us with our goals and priorities.

Kunti Sari, Marketing Manager is a great platform to find new influencers across different demographics. It's discovery tools allowed me to make informed decisions using hard data, and it's integration with Shopify helped automate internal processes, saving my team time and resources.

Daniella Reda, Brand Manager helps us target the right audience, measure performance, compare ourselves to competitors, and uncover strategy gaps. It's like having an extra employee to handle monitoring and reporting while another creates campaigns.

Sabrina Loh, Brand Manager

If you manage a large database of influencers, is an essential tool to help you plan, strategize, and make informed decisions that are tailored to your campaign needs.

Gwen, Pomelo Fashion has been instrumental in making our influencer workstreams more efficient and effective across different campaigns in the Philippines. Thanks to, we've also said goodbye to manual tracking of influencer activity and time-consuming downloading of influencer content!

Dustin Abad, Business Development Manager

We would highly recommend for its insights on influencers and tracking and reporting capabilities. The process is a lot easier and convenient in getting details such as engagement rate and reach of influencers, which helps us curate our content more efficiently.

Celisse Ng, Marketing Manager

At Norbreeze, we use mainly for Product Seeding. The aesthetically designed dashboard provides meaningful statistics which enabled us to view crucial information at a glance.

Krisha Ramos, Norbreeze Group

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