How Affable helped Sensatia Botanicals save 80% of their influencer marketing campaign cost

About Sensatia Botanicals

Started in 2000 to empower local communities on the east coast of Bali, Sensatia Botanicals - a healthy skin care product with natural ingredients - has come a long way into becoming an internationally renowned brand.

In 2021, while launching a new product Sensatia Botanicals required apt social media influencers who could help in increasing awareness about their new product and cost-effectively increase their visibility.

They actively leveraged influencer marketing in the past, working with content creators that aligned with the brand mission.  But identifying influencers and running campaigns by hiring an agency did not prove cost-effective while doing everything manually on Instagram and TikTok turned to be arduous for Sensatia Botanicals.


Manual outreach on TikTok and Instagram was inconvenient and time-consuming

It took around three days to find roughly about seven relevant influencers for the campaign

Shuffling between various platforms to trace relevant influencers and fetch their contact information

Working with an agency was convenient compared to manual outreach, but the cost got raised by 5x to 10x

On transitioning from agency to in-house, discovering the right influencers at scale became a concern. Their target market needed a specific niche of influencers to resonate with customers.


Influencer marketing platform- - identified the right influencers by interest, audience and demographics from within the database of six million content creators. It enabled the brand to interact, engage, and run influencer marketing campaigns while eliminating the need for platform-hopping to fetch contact details.


Running end to end influencer marketing within the platform helped the brand save 80% of the cost compared to what they paid to an agency.

Time to identify the right influencers reduced from five days to a few hours.

Filters available on the influencer marketing platform enabled the scalable selection of influencers based on data.

On transitioning from agency to in-house, discovering the right influencers at scale became a concern. Their target market needed a specific niche of influencers to resonate with customers.

What drew us to was its smart methodology in data collection and presentation. team has been very helpful in addressing questions and constantly improving the platform to better suit partner needs!

Hui Yan, Shopee & StyleHaul provides a simple to use platform for us to find and engage online influencers. Built for the data-driven marketer, I’m liking what I see… and use!

Jeremy, We Communications

We love holistic capabilities for campaign management on Instagram. We are glad to learn that the team is also enhancing the experience for TikTok based on our feedback. Since TikTok is a channel of significance for us, we are happy with agility in supporting partners like us with our goals and priorities.

Kunti Sari, Marketing Manager is a great platform to find new influencers across different demographics. It's discovery tools allowed me to make informed decisions using hard data, and it's integration with Shopify helped automate internal processes, saving my team time and resources.

Daniella Reda, Brand Manager helps us target the right audience, measure performance, compare ourselves to competitors, and uncover strategy gaps. It's like having an extra employee to handle monitoring and reporting while another creates campaigns.

Sabrina Loh, Brand Manager

If you manage a large database of influencers, is an essential tool to help you plan, strategize, and make informed decisions that are tailored to your campaign needs.

Gwen, Pomelo Fashion has been instrumental in making our influencer workstreams more efficient and effective across different campaigns in the Philippines. Thanks to, we've also said goodbye to manual tracking of influencer activity and time-consuming downloading of influencer content!

Dustin Abad, Business Development Manager

We would highly recommend for its insights on influencers and tracking and reporting capabilities. The process is a lot easier and convenient in getting details such as engagement rate and reach of influencers, which helps us curate our content more efficiently.

Celisse Ng, Marketing Manager

At Norbreeze, we use mainly for Product Seeding. The aesthetically designed dashboard provides meaningful statistics which enabled us to view crucial information at a glance.

Krisha Ramos, Norbreeze Group

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