Influencer Marketing Software Suite for Agencies's end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform helps agencies manage campaigns for their clients

Leading global agencies leverage to manage client campaigns, send reports and track competitors for their clients


Move Your Spreadsheet Tasks To's IRM

Shortlisting influencers, tracking status, taking notes, allocating budget and sharing with your colleagues - now all in one place

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Win Pitches!'s end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform helps you pitch new strategies to prospective clients

You can also monitor the client and their competitors to create a pitch that the client cannot turn down

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Influencer Search Engine For Global Campaign Needs's influencer discovery lets you find influencers across any industry globally. We have one of the largest database of influencers that you can search from and shortlist your influencers

Use advanced filters and discover influencers based on their age, gender, location, interests, engagement rate, brand affinities and content

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Detect Fake Followers uses proprietary machine learning models to detect these influencers

Avoid spending client's marketing dollars on these fake-influencers. Detect the influencers with fake-audiences to work with authentic and relevant influencers

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Export & Share Data With The Team And Other Stakeholders's Influencer Marketing Platform lets you export the campaign information as a spreadsheet or powerpoint file. This can be shared with global counterparts and decision makers in the organization

The end-to-end software keeps everyone in the loop at all times so that the team can maximise its productivity

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"If you manage a large database of influencers, is an essential tool to help you plan, strategize, and make informed decisions that are tailored to your campaign needs."

Gwen, Pomelo Fashion