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Discover how affabel.ai is the ultimate solution for agencies' influencer marketing success. Our comprehensive suite of tools and services is specifically designed to empower agencies and drive exceptional results in the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing.


Seamless Campaign Reporting and Exports

Effortlessly track and report campaign performance with our seamless reporting tools. Generate comprehensive reports that showcase key metrics, engagement, reach, and conversions.Impress your clients with unique insights and demonstrate impact with white labeled presentations

Robust ROI Tracking

Maximize your clients' return on investment (ROI) with our robust tracking capabilities. Measure the effectiveness of influencer campaigns, track conversions, and attribute revenue generated. By quantifying the impact of influencer marketing efforts, agencies can showcase the tangible value they bring to their clients.

Enhanced Discovery & Trends Insights

Stay ahead of the competition with our advanced discovery and trends insights. Discover the perfect influencers for your clients' campaigns based on their specific criteria. Leverage data-driven insights to identify emerging trends, consumer preferences, and industry shifts, ensuring your clients' campaigns are always relevant and impactful.

Streamlined Content Approval

Simplify the content approval process with our streamlined workflow. Collaborate seamlessly with influencers, review and approve content within the platform. Ensure brand compliance, message alignment, and quality control. By streamlining content approval, agencies can save time, maintain consistency, and deliver high-quality content to clients.

Experience the Power of Affable.ai for Agency Influencer Marketing:

Unlock the full potential of influencer marketing campaigns with Affable.ai. Our platform provides agencies with seamless reporting, ROI tracking, discovery and trends insights, and streamlined content approval. Elevate your agency's influencer marketing strategies and deliver unparalleled results to your clients.

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