Supercharge Your PR Campaigns With Influencer Marketing

Refresh your PR strategy — go beyond traditional media. Add influencer marketing to your list of services and build customer engagement and trust for your client's brand

Engage Your Client’s Target Audience Effectively With Influencer Marketing

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Increased Client Base and Revenue

Make every dollar spent by your client on a campaign productive and create a line-up of happy and loyal customers for your PR firm — using influencer marketing

Best influencers help you engage with untapped target audiences across different locations, continents and social media channels to meet clients' expectations and achieve public relations goals. In exchange, you don't stand out a chance to lose any business but achieve your revenue targets

Powerful Channel To Build Brand Credibility

Don't cling to traditional methods of press releases and news articles to build a brand's image and reputation. Adapt to a new reality of marketing

As you strive to tell a positive brand story via journalists in traditional media, so do influencers with their reviews and opinions on digital media — to create social proof. Influential social media talents with a loyal and passionate follower base make remarkable stories powerful enough to build trust

Focused Audience Base and Highly Engaged Communities

Achieve your PR objective of brand awareness or promoting goodwill — narrow down your mass audience approach to a targeted audience base

Influencers with expertise and credibility present a brand upfront to the tight-knit active network of followers interested in your client's goods or services to drive engagement. It takes you an inch closer to engaged audiences with influencers' positive word-of-mouth marketing

Easily Quantifiable and Measurable Results

Let your clients know what they get for every penny spent on marketing. Traditional press releases or news articles cannot measure the actual reach and impact

Our data-driven influencer marketing platform gives you the advantage to gather insights in real-time. Metrics such as likes, shares, clicks, overall engagement rate and individual and aggregated sales driven by influencers measure the campaign performance

Start successful influencer marketing campaigns with the all-in-one platform created to help you engage with relevant influencers, manage relationships at every step and measure results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why  should PR firms use influencer marketing?

Traditional public relations communications channels like print and television media are witnessing a constant decline, whereas paid digital ads are looked at with skepticism. Influencer marketing is a new approach to achieving PR goals effectively by collaborating with relevant influencers.

What are the different ways to run an influencer marketing campaign?

There are three modes to execute any influencer marketing campaign:

1. Manually - You find, manage and execute campaigns in-house, spending endless hours or hiring an additional workforce to do the task. 

2. Influencer Marketing Agencies - Many digital marketing agencies have now included influencer marketing as their service by using proprietary tools. 

3. Influencer Marketing Platforms – These are software designed to run campaigns automatically to find influencers, manage them and measure the impact.

How can an influencer marketing platform help PR firms run a campaign?

Influencer marketing platforms are SaaS (Software as a Service) tools to handle the end-to-end execution of an influencer marketing campaign, like Platforms have a vast database of influencers. You can use multiple filters to vet influencers before connecting with them, manage all conversations in a single place, and measure campaign performance effectively.

What are the key points to keep in mind while taking the services of an influencer marketing platform?

• Identifies right influencers and vets them using filters
• Creates customised workflow to manage and execute campaigns
• Create a database of influencer contacts in one place for bulk e-mail
• Drive sales with customised coupon codes
• Track stories posted by influencers
• Measures ROI