Analyze Audience Demographics And Detect Fake Followers

200K followers but how many in your target audience? uses advanced machine learning, computer vision and geo-tagging algorithms to help you vet influencers before partnering with them.


Check If Influencer Content Is On Point For Your Brand

Always updated influencer information. Never make decisions based on stale data.

Audience Demographics

Find influencers who have followers in your target audience demographic. Looking for influencers with followers that are women in the US? has it covered.

Track Other Brands That Influencer Is Talking About

Don't want to work with an influencer who is talking about a competitor? Check all the brands that the influencer tagged in the last three years.

Detect Fake Followers

Some influencers inflate their following with fake & inactive followers. uses proprietary machine learning models to detect these influencers.

" provides a simple to use platform for us to find and engage online influencers.Built for the data-driven marketer, I’m liking what I see… and use!"

Jeremy, We Communications