Community: Effortlessly Manage Inbound Influencer Requests

Don’t miss out on influencer partnerships that walk into your doors.’s Community enables you to automatically compile and curate to help you approve influencers who reach out to you easily.


Community feature revolutionizes content creator management. Use this consolidated platform for streamlined collaborations. Build a dynamic roster of eager collaborators to foster authenticity and ignite conversations about your products. Boost long-term brand loyalty and save significant time by compiling all collaboration requests in one central location.

Use the Brand Community feature to effortlessly identify collaboration requests that align with your brand. Harness detailed data on reach, engagement, and views per post. Let our AI-driven platform guide you to accept only the most impactful requests and amplify your brand's influence and reach.

Integrate Community with our CRM to automate your workflow and conserve resources. Establish a diverse community funnel by accepting creator applications for multiple campaigns. From product gifting to affiliate programs, categorize and incentivize creators effectively, boosting your community's diversity and reach.

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