Exploring an alternative to IZEA?

With influencer marketing, you want to reach as many targeted consumers as possible on a minimum budget but with the highest potential impact. So choosing the right platform becomes crucial. This page compares affable.ai vs Izea - two influencer marketing platforms - to help you select the right platform.

Want to launch an influencer marketing campaign at a scale?


What does affable.ai do?

Affable.ai is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform, having an open network of 6M+ global influencers. It manages bulk outreach, tracks conversations, manages product seeding and goes beyond impressions, views or followers with its advanced features to track sales.

What does Izea do?

Izea is a comprehensive search solution trying to simplify influencer discovery. To measure the campaign's overall performance, Izea monitors reach, engagement, and organic interactions only.

The Suitable Izea Alternative For You

Izea restricts itself to finding influencers and measuring the content performance, whereas affable.ai meets end-to-end requirements from influencer discovery to Shopify-synced product selection and its shipment to influencers. It tracks sales through customised codes, measures engagement rate, and analyses market trends. Take a closer look at other features differentiating the two platforms.

 Affable.ai vs Izea

E-commerce integration

Product Seeding

Discount codes/affiliate links

Exclusion Search

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Image Recognition

Sentiment Analysis

Influencer Recruitment & Scoring

Influencer Segmentation & Collaboration

Audience Analysis

Campaign Analytics/Reporting & Dashboard

Affable.ai’s capabilities makes it a better alternative compared to Izea

E-Commerce Integration to Bolster Brand Image & Better ROI
Right influencers can trigger the stimuli about your product. But how? Affable.ai links with your e-commerce stores on Shopify to set up a custom gifting workflow, allowing influencers to choose the product they would like to receive for review and create a remarkable story around it.
Product Gifting Simplified
With affable.ai, you can overcome the challenge of product gifting at a scale as it easily creates tasks, configures payments, ships products and tracks if the influencers have completed their tasks — all in one place.
Discount Codes For Influencer-Driven Sales
Tracking the sales generated by each influencer is easy with affable.ai. It creates customised discount codes synced with your Shopify store, which influencers use on social media channels. Any sales generated by those coupon codes are captured directly by affable.ai.

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"If you manage a large database of influencers, Affable is an essential tool to help you plan, strategize, and make informed decisions that are tailored to your campaign needs."

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