Will 10-Minute TikTok Videos Be Able To Engage Users? 

Editorial Team
April 5, 2023
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In February 2023, TikTok launched its new 10-minute-long video format, raising a common question among marketers—will people watch 10-minute TikToks, or will they get bored? After gaining recognition due to its snappy short-form content, TikTok has now introduced a long-form video format on the app to let creators create longer content. 

Since YouTube and Instagram launched their own short-form video features, TikTok has focused on getting creators to create more content. But why would creators create long-form content when they can engage the audience within seconds with short videos? Long-form videos enable TikTok creators to cover more topics in a single video, add more content, and engage a broader audience. It also allows marketers to run advertisements on the app, as longer content means more ad space. 

Hilton, a hospitality chain, partnered with several Tiktok creators to develop 10-minute TikTok videos talking about their hotel service. The service-based business made a bold move by creating longer videos for TikTok despite the fear of audiences finding them too long and boring. 

"Long-form and short-form will continue to grow into the spaces where traditional media is dying (TV, radio, etc.). If there's enough genuine creator/content pull for any sort of medium, on any of these platforms, the people will follow," says Alex Roa, Founder/CEO, The Culture Club, the USA-based agency, in our Q1 influencer marketing report. 

Experts also believe that TikTok's new feature might affect the viewership of Netflix and YouTube, as more users turn to the app to watch movies and TV show clips. 

We can therefore conclude that TikTok's new feature is here to stay and will take the social media landscape by storm. Many users will rely on the app to discover new and engaging content and create their own masterpieces. 

Our detailed Q1 trends report covers the topic in detail, along with nine exciting influencer marketing trends, the latest social media updates, and the top brands and influencers of Instagram. 

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