Launches ‘Community’: A Seamless Way For Influencers To Apply For Brand Collaborations And Affiliate Programs

Sruthi Ramisetty
Product Marketer
February 3, 2023
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With the Community feature on, an AI-powered influencer management platform, it is now possible to create an army of content creators supporting your brands.

Of late, many mid-level to large-scale, digitally native brands receive more than 100 requests per month from devoted followers and influencers. These requests come to brands from various channels, including email, social direct messages, etc. But brands lack a mechanism for compiling, approving, and curating a list of these content creators.

"Often brands reach out to content creators when running influencer campaigns. But they tend to miss out on people who visit a brand's website, buy their products, and are eager to partner with them. Brands don't have mechanisms to accept these requests from authentic content creators in a streamlined manner," says Nisarg Shah, Co-founder, and CEO, giving the details of the upcoming Community feature on

Starting your brand community and streamlining the entire process — Community feature does it all. It automates the management of these content creators, gives you a consolidated picture of their social media statistics, and enables you to decide whether the applicant is a good fit for your next campaign. The potential grows even higher as the community helps you connect with others who can be your prospective customers at various points in their purchasing cycles.

A Roster of Authentic Content Creators Who Love Your Brand

"With community, we are establishing a route for brands to build a roster of people who are interested in collaborating with them," says Nisarg Shah, CEO, "It brings authenticity to your brand, inspires others to share their enthusiasm for your products by sparking conversations at many touchpoints of a buyer's journey, and helps establish long-term brand loyalty," says Shah.

He believes that when these content creators provide evidence of using the product, it functions as a social currency that businesses can use to their greatest advantage. "Social paid ads reach the audience, but a very well done content piece by a creator could potentially go viral and get more ROI for a brand other than the ad they are running. Such content has an authentic feel," says he.

A roster of authentic creators who love your brand collated at one place.

Collating All Requests At One Place 

One of the potential aspects of the feature is that it leads to authentic connections from multiple sources in a single place. "The functionality is to collate all the requests in one place without doing the task manually. Community members can be continuously onboarded by leveraging embeddable pages and widgets to deliver consistent value. Brands need only a one-time effort in setting up the community page, sending the links to the content creators who approached and use widgets to keep receiving new applicants every day without putting in any active efforts," says Shah.

Use of Data Intelligence for Vetting Requests  

Notably, only some requests fulfill the criteria sought by a brand. Random people reaching out to brands creates a lot of noise. So, how can brands find the right person for the campaigns? Using the right tools and data intelligence can make a real difference, according to Sumit Deshmukh, Senior Product and GTM Manager,

"With our brand community feature, we allow brands to accept every request in a streamlined manner. Our AI-driven platform helps them with the data points to detect requests that are not relevant to the brand. We support brands to identify key players in the community through data intelligence," says Deshmukh.

The primary purpose of data intelligence is to create different tiers of influencers based on the marketing funnel. "Data-driven metrics like reach, engagement, and average views per post, among other aspects, allow brands to access granular data of individual content creators. Since content creators will share their Instagram or any social media id, the platform can particularly detect the basic data like suspicious followers, engagement rate, and audience interest, among others," says Deshmukh.

Using data intelligence to categorize requests and analyze them easily.

Integration With Your Existing CRM

What makes the feature unique is its ability to save time and resources by integrating the campaign CRM on that allows you to run automated campaigns for product gifting and affiliates. Deshmukh says, "You can automate the entire workflow by integrating with your existing CRM. This custom integration saves time and resources through automated work."

Integrate community with your existing CRM seamlessly.

Diversifying Your Community

With requests coming from people from all walks of life, the chances of diversifying your community also increase. "Brands can create a funnel to accept applications from content creators, and they can then sift through these applications and place them under different stages of marketing — awareness, research, and purchase. Based on that, they can run product gifting campaigns or affiliate campaigns with different categories of content creators and incentivize them accordingly," says Deshmukh.

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