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Uyen Le
Digital Marketing Exec
May 12, 2021
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Earlier this year, we submitted our platform to Influencer Marketing Hub, a leading industry resource for influencer marketing agencies and platforms. We’re excited to share that Affable received a near-perfect rating (4.5 out of 5 stars)!

So what the experts say about Affable? is a top notch solution for brands looking to manage their influencer marketing: it provides the tools to be able to market at scale while preserving a personal touch, and its heavy reliance on data and data analysis shows a clear understanding of what makes influencer marketing so effective.

In detail, the review gives a clear picture of why Affable is a powerful tool for influencer marketing and highlights some exciting features that make Affable a cut above many of its competitors:

Negative Search

By using Negative Search, brands can use our filters to avoid working with influencers who had mentioned or been sponsored by your competitor in the past. This is a minor feature but can create a big impact! 

Unique Reach

With other platforms, brands can organize influencers into groups and view the aggregate stats of their reach. However, the total reach usually accounts for duplicates across audiences. At Affable, we go the extra step by reporting the unique reach, not the total. For example, If influencer A has 100 followers and influencer B has 100, but they share 50 of them, the real reach will be 150, not 200 followers! 

Campaign feature

The campaign management dashboard allows brands to garner a wide range of data, manage influencers and their performance, track content and provide in-depth reports. All can be downloaded and exported into a PowerPoint presentation showing a campaign overview and performance breakdown for each influencer.

For more features and detailed review, you can check it out here.

Even as a relatively new player, Affable is already a very mature product with a lot of talent and brains behind it. But that newness also means they’re still growing, and we can see that it will only grow more useful and powerful as the developers keep adding features.

Receiving a 4.5/5 is a huge accomplishment for us, and we’re still on the way to optimize our platform with more useful and powerful features. Contact us now or request a free demo today to scale your influencer marketing campaign! 

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