All You Need to Know: Facebook Invests $1 Billion in Creators

Carissa Tan
Digital Marketing Intern
July 29, 2021
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Recently Facebook announced their decision to invest $1 Billion in Creators by the end of 2022. What does this investment entail, particularly what kind of new features would there be? What are the implications for Creators?

We’ve got it all covered. Let's get right into it!

Introduction to Bonus Programs

With Bonus programs, Facebook aims to pay eligible Creators for hitting certain milestones when they use their creative and monetization tools. That said, in order to partake in these Bonus Programs, Creators must first use the creative and monetization tools provided on Facebook and Instagram’s platform.

For a more detailed elaboration on these tools and their implications, check out our blog post about new features for creators on Instagram where we covered this!

Although some bonus programs are already available to a select few Creators by invitation, the plan is to launch a dedicated place for bonuses within the Instagram and Facebook App by Summer and Fall respectively.

Bonuses Available Now

The new bonuses currently available on Facebook and Instagram are both only available by invitation. Refer to the infographic below for easier understanding!

Infographic credit: Affable

Credits: Facebook

Credits: Facebook

As mentioned in the infographic, there are 2 types of bonuses available on Facebook. With In-stream bonuses and Stars bonuses, this will further encourage creators to use these features on Facebook.

Credit: Facebook

Creators will be more motivated to come up with more exciting content that may increase their chances of getting a bonus. This bodes well for brands as creators are more inclined to think of ways to creatively promote their products in a brand collaboration.

Implications for Creators and Brands

The Creator space on both platforms (as well as generally) is evolving. More support is being given to Creators for them to fulfill this as their full-time job and do what they do best for a living - creating content that their communities love. Compared with competitors like YouTube and TikTok, Facebook is far behind in the game for Creator community support. As such they are ramping up their efforts to reverse these perceptions. 

As this investment is particularly aimed at those Creators just starting out, the Creator space would see more new faces popping out as more and more are encouraged to start their Creator journey with the amount of support that is now being provided. That said, brands should also expect to have more collaborations with creators in the coming months as the influencer marketing scene flourishes with this added support.

Want to know more about influencer marketing and various brand collaborations? Check out our blog for more!

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