Why brand partnerships are an emerging trend to cash in on

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April 12, 2023
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Brand partnerships are an emerging trend on social media whereby leading businesses collaborate to leverage influencer marketing and start interesting conversations about their products. 

By combining resources, brands achieve higher engagement, increase sales, and drive product awareness. The brand alliance allows brands to piggyback on each other's awareness and loyalty and use influencers to generate additional buzz. 

Vinnie Potestivo, Emmy Award-winning Brand Advisor and host of LinkedIn Presents: I Have A Podcast, says, "Brands should embrace the power of dual partnerships, unite in creativity, and let multifaceted conversations propel awareness and action to new heights." 

"Consider harmonizing your influencer campaign with a diverse mix of creators, adding depth and dimension to the campaign. Second, combine experience to expand influence. Third, create more engaging opportunities for dialogue by empowering multiple creator primaries to lead the conversation," says he in our Q1 influencer marketing trend report.  

General Motors and Netflix collaborated to include at least one GM vehicle in Netflix movies, along with an ad that starred Will Ferrell. 

Be it fashion, sports, FMCG, or baby products, brands can promote their products together by making an alliance and running influencer campaigns. For example, Michelob Ultra, the US-based beer company, partnered with Netflix to create a documentary series giving access inside a PGA tour. Adidas and Samsung collaborated to promote smartphones and sneakers by hiring fitness and lifestyle influencers on social media

Similarly, the restaurant chain Chipotle partnered with Fortnite, the video game behemoth, to promote its new menu item—Chipotle Challenger Burrito. 

Through the influencer's content, both brands can be marketed together while promoting their unique selling point. They can easily boost their recognition among the audience and drive sales. 

Check out our Q1 trends report to know more about the popular ways brands build their position in the market. Stay updated about the newest social media updates and learn about the top brands and influencers of the first quarter of 2023. 

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