's August Updates: Power-Packed Features to Streamline Your Influencer Marketing!

Sruthi Ramisetty
Product Marketer
August 10, 2023
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August brings with it a fresh wave of innovation at! We've rolled out a series of features aimed at enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of your influencer marketing campaigns. Here's a look at what's new:

1. Easy Content Filtering for Influencer Campaigns:

Finding the needle in the haystack just got easier! You no longer have to sift through heaps of content during a campaign. Our new Influencer Content Filtering feature enables you to locate posts from specific influencers instantly. Streamline your content search process, save valuable time while monitoring your campaigns.

2. A Transparent View into Community:

We believe in making information easily accessible. Now, the community's list of applicants includes all the social media accounts added during the application process. This update means you can instantly view and access all the social media handles of any applicant, as soon as they hit the 'submit' button.

August has been a month full of improvements and fine-tuning at These new features have been designed with your convenience and efficiency in mind. We hope they make your influencer marketing journey smoother, and help you unlock new opportunities.

We're all ears for your feedback! Let us know what you think about these updates. Try Get a free trial.

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