Analyzing The Relative Influence Of First-Mover Influencers Vs. Celebrities

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April 5, 2023
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First-mover influencers vs. celebrities. Which should you choose to run a compelling campaign? 

With the possibility of a recession
and rising influencer rates, over the start of 2023, brands have indicated their preference of working with "First-mover Influencers" for digital campaigns and celebrities for ads, driving significant results. 

Instacart's digital campaign with 20 top TikTok creators known as first-mover influencers received over 150 million views on TikTok, surpassing impressions from a 30-second Super Bowl TV ad. The first mover influencers are the early adopters of trends and can help brands create buzz around a new product or idea while establishing brands as innovators. 

But don't count out the power of celebrities just yet. They have a significant following, which makes them efficient in generating brand awareness and credibility. Celebrities can help brands reach a wider audience and bring a sense of trust to their product or campaign. However, top influencers are perceived as more credible as they build niche audiences through authentic content and engagement. 

Choosing between celebrities and influencers mainly depends on your brand's goals and target audience. Working with a celebrity is more effective if you want to reach a broad audience and increase awareness. On the other hand, partnering with an influencer may be more effective in reaching a specific target demographic and driving engagement and conversions. 

"Influencers who have outgrown their celebrity status may be perceived as more credible than traditional celebrities, particularly if they have built their audience through their content and engagement. This can help establish a stronger connection between the influencer and their followers, leading to more authentic brand partnerships," says Vinnie Potestivo, Emmy Award-winning Brand Advisor and host of LinkedIn Presents: I Have A Podcast, in our Q1 trend report.

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