Hey Bud Skincare Joins Forces With affable.ai To Boost Brand Recognition Through Influencer Marketing 

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February 21, 2023
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Hey Bud Skincare steps into the influencer marketing space to double its brand awareness and target its ideal audience on social media. 

As we enter 2023, social media content creators will help brands achieve significant marketing goals like awareness, sales, conversions, and leads. 

To put its skincare products in front of its target audience, Hey Bud plans to partner with suitable content creators and generate compelling content. Using affable.ai’s influencer management platform, Hey Bud will be able to connect with relevant influencers, manage multiple campaigns, and measure their progress, successfully becoming a known skincare brand in the Australian market. 

About Hey Bud Skincare:

Hey Bud Skincare
is a vegan and natural beauty product made from hemp seed oil and other natural ingredients that help revitalize the skin. 

“We’ve always believed in the idea that what we put onto our skin should always be of an extremely high quality. Why shouldn’t it? Everyone’s face is a work of art.

Time and time again, we constantly found ourselves coming across products that were yet again under delivering on the promises they claimed. Sounds familiar? Absolutely. So, what did we do? We became fed up and decided that we were going to ‘face’ the issue (literally).

Through countless research and experimentation with different formulas, we serendipitously came across the magical properties of hemp. Hemp, which is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant, has specific natural oils that are not produced by the body, but are fundamental in skin health, helping with aging skin, moderating oil production and keeping the face at a perfect moisture.

From hundreds of tests and becoming addicted to the positive results, we became motivated to spread the goodness of ‘Hey Bud’ to as many people as possible.

So here we are. Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself. If you love it like we do, tell someone about it. If not, we don’t blame you. Some secrets are best kept for ourselves.”

About affable.ai: 

affable.ai is the fastest-growing influencer marketing platform helping clients manage end-to-end campaigns globally. Executed through machine learning and AI, the platform allows brands and agencies to automate influencer campaigns at each point—from influencer discovery to management and performance measurement. With affable.ai’s advanced features, brands establish strong connections with influencers and build a better ROI.

Check out our case studies page to learn how affable.ai has enabled 100+ brands to scale their influencer campaigns. 

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