Top 7 Influencer Agencies in Ireland [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
June 29, 2022
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Establishing authenticity among the target audience has become a pretty difficult task for brands in Ireland. With numerous influencers endorsing products, consumers look at content’s authenticity and transparency with scepticism. 

Research by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) backs this claim by finding that 59% of Irish adults find influencers inauthentic and misleading. According to respondents, if brands pay influencers to say positive things about products, then it is still advertising. 

To overcome this challenge, many brands focus on building long-term relationships with influencers and turning them into product ambassadors to build audience trust. 

Influencer agencies in Ireland have been helping brands build such connections. The agencies have a network of authentic creators and are familiar with ways to leverage them for your campaigns. Plus, it assists you in developing new content strategies for better brand positioning. 

Some agencies also manage campaigns from start to end using influencer marketing platforms like The platform offers advanced features that give you access to creator profiles, performance metrics, data, and tracking tools. 

This article lists the top agencies in Ireland helping brands stay relevant.

Well-Known Influencer Agencies in Ireland 

Irish Blogger Agency 

Founding Year:

Irish Blogger Agency is a leading influencer agency in Ireland that works with brands in the fashion, beauty, business, food, interior, parenting, and lifestyle sectors. 

It connects clients with 600+ bloggers, vloggers, and social media creators genuinely interested in your products and services. 

Besides influencer matchmaking, the agency handles campaign strategy development, contract briefing and negotiations, execution, management, and real-time monitoring. 

Clients: Catwalk HQ, Sundial, Galway Now, Learning Waves, Lola & Lykke, Milbee, Seshat Botanicals, The Waverley Academy 

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2. ICON Management 

Founding Year:

ICON Management agency believes in driving transparent and data-driven campaigns for clients.  The agency uses data such as engagement, reach, followers, and audience, to determine the exact cost of working with an influencer. 

It has a network of Ireland’s top creators in the fashion and beauty industries, such as Ellie Kelly, Lauren Whelan, Charleen Murphy, etc.  The agency shares detailed reports on the overall campaign performance and impact. 

Clients: Loreal, Instax, Coca-Cola, W.B., TikTok, Redken, Accenture, Vodafone, Tampax, H&M 

3. HatchHouse

Founding Year:

HatchHouse specialises as an influencer agency in Dublin that helps regional brands add more value to their marketing strategies. The agency partners brands with relevant micro-influencers closely connected to their audience. 

The agency also looks after relationship management to establish long-term partnerships between you and influencers. It builds credibility as the creators will endorse your products for a longer time. 

They help clients with digital marketing services, including search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search, social media management, paid social, and advertising. 

Clients: Sons, Trinity, Exertis, Yaundry, Wunderbook, RHINO 

4. The Collaborations Agency 

Founding Year:

The Collaborations Agency provides end-to-end client services, from ideation to influencer campaign reporting. Claiming to be the first Irish talent agency, it bridges the gap between content creators and brands in the sports, beauty, fashion, cooking, music, and more industries. 

Based in Dublin, this influencer agency has connections with Ireland’s top talent, including Tyler White (photography), Dev Skehan (fashion), Joanne Mooney (interior), and more influencers in several niches. It recognises the importance of standing out in today’s competitive market, which is why it creates tailor-made campaigns aligning with the client’s objectives. 

In addition, the agency’s expertise lies in communications, brand strategy, sponsorship, experiential, social media, and collaborations. 

Just Eat, Maybelline, Currys, Clarins, Dyson, Centra, Zalando, Primark, Samsung, Heineken 

5. Revolve 

Founding Year:

Recognised as a well-known influencer agency in Dublin, Revolve targets luxury brands in the fashion, lifestyle, hospitality, travel, and healthcare sectors. With 12+ years working in the industry, it has developed connections with top talent agencies to connect brands with Irish creators and brand ambassadors. 

The agency positions brands in the Irish and international markets using these creators and ambassadors. It also looks after ideation, strategy building, contract negotiation, and sponsorships.  

Also, the agency has set up an office in London to expand its brand partnerships. 

Clients: KitchenAid, Locke, Omniplex Cinemas, Cailyn, Vado, The Body Shop, Mango, Cross 

6. Jailbird Communications 

Founding Year:

Jailbird Communications, an influencer agency in Dublin, aims to replace dull marketing by delivering creative and fun campaigns for Irish and international clients. The agency offers services for brands in the lifestyle, hospitality, consumer, and business communications industries. 

It uses technology to analyse audiences and vet creator profiles to enable collaboration with the right creators. Other services include public relations (P.R.), social media marketing, and event management. 

Clients: FULFIL Space Launch, Ballet Ireland, Hendrick’s Lunar Gin, Tullamore D.E.W. Virtual Snug 

7. Fitbee 

Founding Year:

Fitbee is a full-service influencer agency in Ireland that assists clients by managing campaigns from start to end. The agency uses reliable tools and analyses past data to select the right talent and build a content strategy matching the brand’s voice. 

Under its campaign management services, the agency handles negotiations and contract signing, prepares guidelines, gets content approval, sends products to creators, and monitors the performance. It also creates a detailed report of the campaign’s progress. 

The agency drives integrated campaigns using paid advertising to amplify influencer content in print, digital, and other media. It also provides web design, video editing, SEO, pay-per-click (P.P.C.), drone photography, graphic design, and other services. 

Clients: N.A.

Final Note 

When running effective influencer campaigns, brands or agencies often face difficulty in making on-spot decisions due to a lack of clear real-time data. The data gives you useful insights and allows you to tweak the content or communicate with influencers regarding the expected results. 

It is one of the reasons why companies nowadays rely on influencer analytics tools like to gain valuable insights and reports on campaign performance, audience, and competitors. 

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