Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in India [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
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July 1, 2022
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The information-centred shopping in India often makes it challenging for brands to rope in the target customers. Consumers, who read brand reviews or depend on peer recommendations for purchasing a product, need social proof. Getting information on how others have used the product is what they expect. 

Many brands fail to build so due to a lack of data, customer reviews, etc. Such brands use influencers to share their product opinions, creating a critical touchpoint in the consumer buying journey. 

Influencer marketing agencies in India are helping brands find influencers who can nurture the audience via constant communication. Agencies have expert teams with access to creator profile data helping them identify the right influencers. 

Some agencies rely on influencer marketing platforms like to onboard the right influencer. The platform gives you access to over 6M creator profiles that display insights on performance and audience to enable a perfect match. 

Let's see the top agencies in India! 

Leading Indian Influencer Marketing Agencies 

1. Confluencr

Founding Year:

Headquartered in Mumbai, Confluencr creates targeted campaigns for Indian and global brands in eCommerce, healthcare, food and wellness, and education. The agency has a network of 15000+ influencers creating content in multiple languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and more. 

It offers content mapping, influencer curation, content delivery, and reporting and analytics services. The agency also organises celebrity collaborations, connecting brands with actors, musicians, stand-up comedians, etc., to reach the masses. 

It also provides YouTube and Instagram influencer marketing to amplify brand visibility on the platforms. 

Clients: Kotak, Paytm, Vedix, Masai, WOW Skin Science, Pet Fed, Vedantu, Flipkart, Ola Foods, Groww 

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2. Chtrbox 

Founding Year:

Chtrbox enables regional brands to target niche audiences with the help of social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and product ambassadors across multiple categories. This influencer marketing agency in India is well known for running award-winning campaigns. 

It searches for relevant influencer data through a proprietary tool to recruit the right talent for your brand. The tool also helps the agency measure ROI based on customised dashboards that display detailed data and insights. 

The agency provides a platform for influencers to create content, earn money, and grow professionally. 

Clients: Vogue, Tropicana, Puma, Pepsico, Whisper, Tinder, Nokia, Flipkart, Livon, Hike Messenger 

3. ANTS Digital 

Founding Year:

ANTS Digital agency claims to be the biggest influencer marketing agency in India that caters to brands in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, health, and parenting. The agency partners you with the top regional talent with a network of influencers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and bloggers. 

Being a tech-led marketing and communications agency, it runs data-driven personalised campaigns aligning with the brand's objectives. It follows a six-step process: goal determination, competitive analysis, influencer discovery, ideation process, outreach and promotion, and measurement.

The agency also offers digital marketing, branding, public relations (PR), and creative services. 

Clients: GroupM, Ejot, Jain Farm Fresh, Eden, Concentrix, HQ, Kleen Skin, Youva 

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4. The Marcom Avenue 

Founding Year:

The Marcom Avenue helps B2B, and B2C brands beat the competition by running campaigns that cut through the noise on social media. It creates unique brand stories that engage the target audience emotionally with the brands. 

The agency is one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in India that has connections with over 20,000 influencers, including bloggers, social media stars, vernacular content creators, vloggers, and more. 

Under influencer marketing, the agency provides creator discovery, content creation, curation, and distribution; and brand uplift. In addition, it provides the tech, experiential, creative, PR, and filmmaking services. 

Clients: Titan, Oppo, Punk, OYO, Mahindra World City, Nestle, OLA, Instax Fujifilm Geeks for Geeks, Explurger 


Founding Year:

ENLYFT, an influencer marketing agency in India, executes ROI-focused campaigns to boost brand visibility and customer retention. They have connected 20,000+ influencers with lifestyle, food, education, parenting, and travel brands, among other niches. 

Their business philosophy is to enhance, enable, and engage. Under enhance, the agency builds custom campaigns based on brand expectations, whereas, under enable, the campaign managers help creators develop creative content by organising workshops. 

Lastly, they analyse the performance and share reports on ROI as a part of their "engage" process.

Clients: Vivo, Zerodha, Myntra, Oppo, OnePlus, Micromax, LG, Lenovo, Meesho, TATA Cliq 

6. Whisskers Marketing 

Founding Year:

Whisskers Marketing is one of India's top social media agencies specialising in influencer marketing. The agency connects regional brands with mini social media stars – micro-influencers who can be bloggers, creators, vloggers, moms, and more. 

From small businesses to large-scale multinational companies, the agency caters to every type of firm in the lifestyle, food, education, healthcare, and others. The agency builds long-term connections between the brand and influencers to make the content seem more authentic to the audience. 

Its creator marketing process includes campaign designing and content creation, influencer search using a finder tool, and influence analytics based on KPIs like likes, comments, shares, etc. 

Clients: Vakil Search, McCANN, Opera, Meena Bazaar, FreshGravity, Great learning, Organic Harvest, The Princeton Review 

7. Third Eye Blind Productions 

Founding Year:

Third Eye Blind Productions handles end-to-end influencer campaigns, including audience research, campaign creation and strategy, execution, and insight and reporting. 

Headquartered in Mumbai, this influencer marketing agency in India aims to create full-scale campaigns that leave an impact on the audience and help brands achieve their business objectives. It has a network of social media creators, celebrities, models, and even brand ambassadors who create compelling social content. 

The agency collects insightful data about your campaign's performance with its in-house tool. Also, it uses paid advertising to enhance the reach of influencer content. 

Clients: WOW Skin Science, Angel One, Wazirx, Mamaearth, Vauld, KhataBook, Urban Company, Maybelline 

8. Tech2Globe

Founding Year:

Tech2Globe agency sees influencer marketing as a creative strategy rather than a medium for publicity. The agency hires seasoned influencers and gives them the creative freedom to create authentic content, boosting brand credibility on social media.  

This influencer marketing agency in India has connections with creators in B2B, eCommerce, education, healthcare, travel, and more. It also carries out strategy building, creator matchmaking, campaign management, and social media advertising. 

The agency learns everything about your business, from the audience to competitors and existing strategies, to enable successful collaborations. 

Clients: Tulimed, Magic Opener, Hopwater, Telia Oils, Green Yi, TasteeTreasures, Midwest Jewellery 

9. I Knowledge Factory (IKF)

Founding Year:

With nearly two decades of experience, IKF has served 850+ brands in real estate, hospitality, finance, education, healthcare, etc. The agency sides with influencers in the paid ads vs influencer marketing debate and believes the latter is more effective. 

For this reason, it drives authentic and impactful creator campaigns for clients. The agency offers creator search and outreach, relationship building, campaign strategy development, and execution. 

Clients: TitanX, IndiGrid, Mahindra Systech, Peppermint, Cloud Moyo, Vega, Breathmo, Lupin, Mother's Recipe 

10. Letsinfluence  

Founding Year:

Letsinfluence has a network of 25000+ top influencers and 500+ celebrities. The agency researches the creators' audience, engagement rate, previous campaigns etc., to achieve the KPIs set by the client for the campaign. 

The agency creates your campaign from scratch by researching your industry and audience to create unique content resonating with them. It also manages brand-influencer coordination, payments, and performance reporting. 

The Indian influencer marketing agency also acts as a growth platform for influencers and content creators where it gives them insights to monetise their services better. 

Clients: Snapdeal, Mamaearth, TrulyMadly, Titan, Boat, Emami, Meesho, Noise, Pee Buddy, OYO, Cosco 

Summing Up

Despite the level of expertise agencies have, finding new influencers for new campaigns in their existing network can be challenging. 

The limited database is why so many agencies and brands have switched to influencer automation tools like The platform gives access to 6M+ influencer IDs helping to find fresh talent for their clients. Plus, it supports you in managing end-to-end campaigns and measuring the results. 

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