Grow Your Brand With Top 16 Influencer Marketing Companies In Indonesia [Platforms+Agencies]

Nidhi Agarwal
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March 15, 2022
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Influencer marketing is in the limelight across Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia. 

You might be one of those brands wanting to execute one such influencers-driven campaign to promote your product or increase sales in the region.

Research shows 62% of the social media users in Indonesia purchase an item due to influencer recommendations. Because of this, numerous brands started leveraging influencers to endorse their products. 

It makes the competition tough and challenging if you want customers to pick your product over the competitors. 

We have created a list of top influencer marketing agencies and platforms in Indonesia that can help you beat your competition and make you stand out.

Let’s take a look! 

Top 3 Influencer Marketing Platforms in Indonesia


Founding year: 2017 is a SaaS platform that helps you discover influencers, manage them, and measure their overall impact. More so, it allows brands and agencies to:  

  • Reach influencers globally
  • Vet 6M+ influencers by using 20+ filters
  • Spot suspicious, fake or controversial influencers
  • Track influencer generated content 
  • Send products through e-commerce stores like Shopify

And a lot more. has a database of international influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. The platform collaborates with D2C brands, agencies, and enterprises. The company is currently working with some of the renowned brands in Indonesia like I-DAC Asia, Dentsu, Bintang Go, SKW cosmetics, Wisdom Crowd, Avoskin, and MS glow beauty.

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Founding year: 2020

Influence ID is an influencer marketing platform in Indonesia that helps brands find influencers from its database of 100K+ influencers. 

Their price estimate calculator delivers a calculated lump-sum amount of the fee that will be charged for your campaign. In the past, Influence ID has delivered results for several brands like Manzone, Limu Poke, Kolo, Astra Life, and more. 

3) PopStar

Founding year: 2018 

PopStar has a network of 250K+ influencers in Indonesia and the Philippines. The company collaborates with nano, macro, and micro-influencers. It helps brands in goal setting, management, content review, and reporting. 

PopStar works with brands in the food, parenting, travel, lifestyle, FMCG, fashion, and cosmetics industries. Its top brand collaborations include Max, Warcoal, Lazada, Tokopedia, Madurasa, JCB, and more.

Top 13 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Indonesia 

1) X10 Media

Founding year: 2016

X10 Media is a Singapore-based agency currently working in Malaysia and Indonesia. X10 media specialises in influencer marketing with over 500 influencers in the network. The company usually collaborates with only micro-influencers. 

It has worked with well-known brands like Vivo, Pringles, Oppo, Pandora, RayBan, Carlsberg, Unilever and worked on over 700 influencer campaigns. 


2) Creative Media United

Founding year: 2000

Creative Media United focuses on influencer marketing by working with content creators ranging from mega to nano. 

The company collaborates with eCommerce and B2B brands like Pesona Indonesia, Shopee, Kopi Kenangan, Ultrasakti, and others. 

3) Incify

Founding year: 2020

Incify collaborates with startups and enterprises to provide influencer marketing services. It focuses on promoting your brand and driving sales by reaching out to the influencers, creating campaign graphics, running social media ads, and partnering with celebrities and nano & micro-influencers. 

The process for running influencer campaigns begins with product pitching. The company tests your products and then reaches out to influencers to pitch the product. It has helped brands like Brandripe, Lecturo, Perfect Moment, Yoyoink to scale their growth. 

Other offered services are HubSpot training, website design, SEO, link building, PPC management, marketing automation, and 360 marketing. 

4) SociaBuzz

Founding year: 2015 

SociaBuzz is an influencer marketing agency in Indonesia that partners with KOLs and influencers. The company works with top and experienced influencers in beauty, travel, fashion, sports, food, kids, music, gaming, fitness, lifestyle, and more. 

SociaBuzz’s network contains influencers from Instagram, YouTube,, and Twitter. Tokopedia, Happy Fresh, Kin, Roma, Fitbar have executed influencer campaigns with the help of Socia Buzz. 

The company offers three pricing packages and charges a 15% services fee per campaign. Also, the agency offers a distinct Instagram influencer package starting at IDR 75jt. 

5) Grid Voice

Founding year: 2017 

Grid Voice is a full-service influencer marketing agency in Indonesia. Their in-house team creates the content based on the campaign brief, reaches out to influencers and then runs a campaign. 

In addition, the company looks after competitor analysis, brand strategy, consumer needs, and evaluation. Some of its clients include Suzuki, Total, iFlix, Allianz, Payless and a lot more. 

6) Iconreel

Founding year: 2016

Iconreel features a network of 24000 international influencers. The company looks after talent management, media buying, project management, and creative production. It has worked with brands like Traveloka, Citibank, P&G, Microsoft, Lazada, Marina and many more. 

Iconreel managed over 40 mega, macro, and micro-influencers for Traveloka’s influencer campaign, which recorded a 2M reach and 400K likes. empowers 100+ Global Brands in running their Influencer Marketing Campaigns at scale. Empower yours Too. Try

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7) ATV Creative Asia 

Founding year: 2018

ATV Creative Asia is into content creation, strategy planning, and talent management. As an influencer marketing agency in Indonesia, it helps brands collaborate with influencers. 

The community platform helps influencers to connect and chat with other peers. It also features a training program for the influencers to learn the tricks of the trade. Brands like Lazada, Dior, Bank Indonesia, OLX, Burger King, Rexona, Tokopedia trust ATV creatives. 

8) Collab Asia

Founding year: 2017 

Headquartered in Singapore, Collab Asia has offices in multiple locations like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea and other countries. It has a network of 2000+ influencers from gaming and beauty on Instagram. 

The company offers direct marketing, content production and distribution, channel management, direct advertising, campaign strategy and more. Collab Asia’s brand collaborations include Tokopedia, Oyo, Dior, LG, TikTok, Sony, Samsung, Elle, and many more. 

9) Inquivix

Founding year: 2017

Inquivix is an agency in Indonesia that collaborates with influencers, key opinion leaders, and brand ambassadors. 

Inquivix handles the influencer campaign, from outreach to content creation, establishing communication, publishing, and report analysis. It helps clients decide on the KOL or influencer who would be a good choice for their brand voice and drive results. 

It also provides social media advertising, website development, email marketing, social media management, SEO, and more. 

Inquivix has worked with Jaguar, WOW Tech, Womanizer, MacPaw, Codashop and many more. 

10) BigEvo

Founding year: 2014

BigEvo is an influencer marketing agency in Indonesia, focusing on creating client-specific strategies. Its in-house team support brands in targeting the market. It specialises in brand awareness marketing, SEO management, social media marketing, digital transformation, performance and data analytics, and content production. 

BigEvo has worked with known brands like Honda, Kalbe, Google, Make Over, Wardah, IndiHome, Paragon, and more. 

11) Leverate Media

Founding year: 2013

Leverate Media became fully international in 2014 and has implemented campaigns for established brands like Uber, Spotify, Sennheizer, Alibaba, American Standard and many more. The company also engages content creators across social media platforms based on a brand’s campaign requirements.

Other services include social media management, video advertising, search engine optimisation, web designs, and creatives.

12) Meson Digital

Founding year: 2018

Meson Digital handpicks influencers to ensure the best fit for the brand. This influencer marketing agency in Indonesia focuses on increasing product exposure for the brands via social media. 

It handles social media marketing, search engine optimisation & marketing, website development, email marketing, and YouTube advertising based on the brand requirement. Green Avenue, ICE Indonesia, Honda Selaras, Bio Strath, Erajaya, and Fotile are the names of a few of its clients. 

13) Vero Agency

Founding Year: 2007

Vero Agency is an award-winning PR, consultancy and influencer marketing agency focused on running campaigns for brands in Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. With more than 200 members on its team, Vero works with brands, corporations, non-profit organisations, and more.

Vero provides several different services including influencer marketing to help its clients grow stronger on social media. It even uses a proprietary tool, TrueVibe, to generate better campaign results.

The agency has collaborated with brands like MAC and

Wrapping up

Influencer marketing, if not done the right way, will fail to give you the desired results. It can have a negative impact on your brand reputation. You can avoid this situation by wisely choosing the right agency or platform for your brand. is an easy-to-use self-service SaaS platform designed to help you scale your influencer campaigns in the right direction. 

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