Your Influencer Marketing Guide To A Successful Q2 2023

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March 22, 2023
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LIVE NOW! Influencer Marketing Trends And Social Media Updates Q1, 2023

When it comes to influencer marketing, the landscape is ever-changing and constantly evolving, with new trends and tactics emerging every month.

The year began with a sense of economic uncertainty and rising inflation. But the buzz around de-influencing swept the industry. The debate over whether it was a genuine call to reduce overconsumption or merely a marketing ploy was still raging when the news of TikTok being banned in the USA once again hit the headlines.

But it doesn't mean you must dabble with your plans to run an influencer marketing campaign in Q2. Our Influencer Marketing Trends and Social Media Update Q1, 2023 report has scoured the first three months of the year to identify the most successful trends that emerged. We have also listed the social media updates rolled out in the first quarter of the year, coupled with insightful data about which brands actively participated in influencer marketing and the top influencers with maximum engagement and follower growth.

Discover the best practices that have yielded results for brands and learn how to cut through the competition to let your brand shine, as Squigs did by investing in an editor/journalist seeding to talk about their product. And Levi Strauss & Co. did this by following conscious consumerism.

We've explored the pros and cons of partnering with first-mover influencers versus celebrities and why brands are turning to game streamers to amplify their messaging. You'll also discover how HBO used the art of breadcrumbing and Paris Hilton experimented with 10-minute TikTok to create a buzz around their latest project. 

And if you're feeling overwhelmed by marketing challenges, we've got you covered. Our report includes:

  • Tips for refreshing your past influencer campaigns.
  • Using chatGPT to generate interesting campaign briefs.
  • Partnering with brands for influencer marketing. 

Dive in and find valuable suggestions to help take your influencer marketing to the next level in Q2, 2023. 

A special thank you to Alex Roa, Alysson Acosta, Vinnie Potestivo, Kyle Bauske, and Neve Fear-Smith, for lending their time and knowledge about the industry for bringing out this report.


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