In-Depth Guide To Influencer Marketing In Thailand [Pros & Cons]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
March 3, 2022
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What started as a trend on social media has now become a full-blown marketing strategy.

We are talking about the latest buzzword ‘influencers’.

And Thailand has not fallen behind other countries in adopting this trend, where influencers on social media have the power to persuade their followers on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram to buy products endorsed by them.

The reason being is that people in Thailand spend almost three hours on social media every day, according to the Digital 2021 data by Hootsuite.

Today, Thailand has become the hottest spot for influencer marketing campaigns, and as the internet penetration rate is likely to reach up to 84% by 2026, it seems the trend will stay here for long. 

In this article, you will read about the different ways of conducting influencer marketing campaigns and which one you should choose. 

3 Approaches To Influencer Marketing Campaigns In Thailand

People in Thailand are very receptive to influencers because of the idol culture where people are deeply attracted to entertainers. Influenced by their idols, people tend to imitate their lifestyles. It makes Thailand an apt country to run influencer marketing campaigns.

Let’s understand three approaches to running an influencer marketing campaign in Thailand! 

1. Through Manual Execution

It is the most traditional way of finding influencers for your brand. 

  • You go to your chosen social media platform.  
  • Look for keywords and hashtags related to your industry 
  • Go through the profiles of all the influencers one by one. 
  • Check out their content. 
  • And reach out to all the influencers via email or social media to pitch your campaign idea. 

1) Best for small brands 

If you’re a small business looking to recruit 1 or 2 popular influencers, then manual execution is the best approach.

2) No requirement of additional resources 

In manual execution, you don’t need additional resources like money or tools because the heavy-lifting - finding, analysing and picking the influencers - is done by you.  


1) Time-consuming

Manual execution is a time-consuming, exhausting method for finding influencers. You have to go through each profile, scan through the content, find out their engagement rate, and a lot more. 

It is nearly impossible to do in the case of bulk outreach and considering the creator economy of Thailand, which is approx 50 Million! 

2) No way to spot frauds 

Influencer marketing in Thailand is a growing industry that invites a lot of fraudulent influencers who try to fake their way to the top. It is nearly impossible to search for fake followers manually. 

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2. Through Influencer Marketing Agencies

Influencer marketing agencies collaborate with brands to establish a partnership between them and the influencers. They manage everything from finding influencers to measuring the progress of the campaign. 


Have wide networks of influencers 

Agencies have well-established connections with several vetted influencers with whom they’ve worked in the past.

2) They do all the work for you

Agencies save time on your end by reaching out to influencers, negotiating the terms of the contract, and preparing review reports on ROI. 

3) Understand your brand goals 

Influencer marketing agencies are professionals with years of experience in the field. They understand your requirements and brand values and work accordingly. 


1) Priced too high

Hiring an agency puts a toll on your influencer marketing budget. Since they take all the load for you they charge a heavy amount as well.

2) Delay in submitting performance report 

If agencies handle influencers marketing manually, you can expect a delay in campaign analytics report submission. 

3) No space for establishing personal connections 

It is important to have a positive and long-term relationship with the influencers for future campaigns as they already cater to your target audience. The process followed by these agencies keeps you away from building such relationships. 

3. Through Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing platforms are cloud-powered platforms having databases of millions of influencers across different social media channels that you can access in only one click. 

They allow you to use filters to narrow down your search. You can find influencers based on interests, demographics, engagement rates, followers, brand affinities, and so on. 


1) Bulk outreach possible 

Influencer marketing platforms help you find and reach out to influencers in bulk. Hence, making it possible to manage hundreds of influencers at once. 

2) Brand comparison and competitive analysis are available

Platforms help you avoid those influencers who might be working with your competitors. You can also track competitors’ influencer activities. Considering the popularity of influencer marketing in Thailand, you will definitely need this option for your campaigns. 

3)Able to manage the campaign in one place

Platforms allow you to do all the campaign tasks at one spot like reaching out, communicating, hiring, and sending your products to influencers. 

4) Accurate measurement of ROI 

One of the biggest challenges brands face is to measure the performance of the influencer campaign. The analytics feature in the platform tracks the content and popularity of your campaign and gives you a detailed report.

5) Easy to spot fake followers 

Influencer marketing platforms use technology to spot fake followers by reviewing their engagement activity and follower growth. 

6) Easy to establish personal connections 

Unlike agencies, the platforms allow you to communicate with the influencers and establish a long-term connection with them.


1)Have a subscription fee 

Some of the platforms out there charge a hefty subscription which is paid annually or monthly. 

2) May lack your required influencers

Platforms have a limited database of influencers. There is a slight possibility that you may not find what you’re looking for. 

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies/ Social Media Agencies In Thailand

Here is a list of the top 10 agencies for influencer marketing in Thailand for you to pick from:

1) AJ marketing

AJ marketing is one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Thailand. They have 7000+ influencers in their network. 

The agency takes care of everything - from finding the influencer to reporting the results. It has a network of influencers in genres like gaming, technology, fashion beauty, and more.

2) Adapter digital

Adapter digital is a digital marketing agency that provides creative influencer marketing services in Thailand. At the local level, it has strategised campaigns for well-known mobile companies. 

3)  Garçon Consulting

Garçon is a Bangkok based social media marketing agency having a network of only 1500+ Thai influencers. 

4) Spunky Digital 

Spunky digital is another Bangkok based digital marketing agency that runs tailor-made campaigns for brands. Their network includes influencers, key opinion leaders, and organisations having experience in the influencer industry.

5) Influencers Thailand

Influencers Thailand has 20+ years of experience working in marketing. They have partnered with a wide range of influencers, including micro-influencers, Thai celebs, nano influencers, bloggers and so on. 

6. Heroleads

Heroleads is a marketing company providing multiple services like digital marketing, SEO, brand building, influencer marketing in Thailand and adjoining regions. In the past, they collaborated with industries like real estate, automotive, health and wellness, e-commerce and more.

7. Kommuneagency

Kommune agency provides various services like social media marketing, content creation, influencer marketing in Thailand.  Having a network of niche, experts, celebs and micro-influencers, it mainly collaborates with industries in travel, entertainment, fashion, and e-commerce. 

8. Influencer Club

Influencer Club runs a network of Thailand content creators ranging from mega to micro-influencers. With almost ten years of experience, it also provides services like social media marketing and video production. 

9. Ario Marketing 

Ario marketing is a marketing agency dealing with micro-influencer marketing in Thailand. They have been in the industry for the past 12 years and have connections with influencers and brands. 

10. Primal

Primal provides a range of services like lead generation, SEO, advertising, link building and influencer marketing in Thailand. It has a network of Thai influencers and KOLs. It works with 10+ industries, including FMCG, B2B, real estate, eCommerce, education, travel and more. 

List Of Top Influencer Marketing Platforms In Thailand

1), established in 2017, is an efficient influencer marketing platform in several countries, including Thailand. It has a network of 6M+ influencers from Facebook, TikTok, youtube, Instagram and Twitter. 

It serves global companies, D2C brands and influencer marketing agencies. Having collaborated with leading brands like Ogilvy, Chanel, Nespresso, L’oreal, Pomelo fashion, it has delivered tremendous results. 

It is an all-in-one platform for finding, managing and measuring influencer campaigns. offers 20+ filters for influencer search with fraud detection and Shopify product seeding option. 

2) Influencer House  

Influencer house is a top influencer marketing platform with 20K+ influencers from South East Asia. 

It offers a storytelling influencer marketing platform for its clients with AI-powered measurement technology and secure payment options.  Brands like Suzuki, Tantan, Reblocell, Konami, and Cameo rose trust Influencer house. vs Influencer House 

  • Influencer house is restricted to Southeast Asia. 

Whereas is a global platform. 

  • Influencer house lack eCommerce integration., however, offers Shopify integration to track the sales generated by the influencers. 

3. Socomy

A data services platform, Socomy,  can be used for running influencer marketing campaigns and building a strong social media presence. The platform offers multiple features to find influencers and manage your campaigns. vs Socomy 

  • Socomy is restricted to Thailand and Indonesia.

Whereas is a global platform serving various countries.

  • Socomy has a database of 10K+ influencers to choose from., however, has 6M+ influencers in its database. 

  • Socomy lacks the tool to measure the competitor’s influencer activities. offers an option to exclude influencers that are working with your competitors. 

Successful Influencer Marketing Case Studies Of Thailand

1) Pomelo Fashion 


Pomelo Fashion, founded to offer women the look they deserve, has become the leading fashion and lifestyle eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia. 

Pomelo Fashion collaborated with 150 influencers, of which 65 were KOL influencers, to promote the 11.11 mega fashion sale. It distributed Pomelo bags to the influencers for promotion on their social media content. The campaign generated an 80% increase in traffic and was a huge success by Pomelo. 

Read the full case study here

Top Social Media Influencers of Thailand (Facebook, Instagram,Youtube)

Facebook (Meta)
1) @keesamus (1M followers)

Keesamus is a music influencer. Her posts focus on musical content, including acoustic covers and guitar performances. She is a perfect choice for brands who want to promote their musical products. 

2) @DokaorToongTong (1M followers)

Dokaor Toong Tong is a Thai influencer who posts branded and personal content. Her content focuses on travel and food recipes. She also hosts live events to build trust with her followers.

3)  Nok Usanee

Nok Usanee is a Thail actress and an aerial dancer. She posts fitness, food, travel and dance content. Her videos consist of content related to exciting incidents happening over the world.


1) @brinkkty (418K followers)

Brink pp. is a Thailand based influencer blogger specialising in makeup, fashion and haircare.  She posts photos and videos regularly featuring branded content. She usually collaborates with skincare and makeup brands to promote their products.


2) @lubpuizzz (257K followers)

Lubpui Pimrata Chimtawan is a personal blogger based in Thailand. She is a lifestyle blogger who has worked with brands like Unilever, Bondi Jelly, and Leather Solute. 

3) @witsarud (67.2K followers)

Tunz is a lifestyle traveller and cafe hopper based in Bangkok, Thailand. Filled with travelling content from all over the world, his Instagram profile is a delight to watch. He is a perfect choice for brands in the tourism & travel industry. 

1) Ham PMN (2.77M subscribers) 

Ham PMN is a musician who creates musical covers on youtube. His channel is filled with acoustic covers from a range of genres. 

2) Starwin Narkthonpet (2.68M subscribers)

Starwin Narkthongpet is a youtube vlogger. His content consists of adventure and action videos. He vlogs exciting and interesting events taking place in his life. 

3) JASMINNIIIZ (1.98M subscribers)

Starwin Narkthongpet is a youtube vlogger. His content consists of adventure and action videos. He vlogs exciting and interesting events taking place in his life. 

Top 3 Instagram Celebrity Influencers of Thailand

1) @punpun_sutatta (7.9M followers)

PunPun Sutatta Udomsilp is a Thai actress. She posts a lot of content from her personal life like travel destinations, hotels and more. She also has branded content on her profile from Netflix and Dior skincare. She is the best choice for beauty brands looking to carry out influencer marketing in Thailand. 

2) @sananthachat (2.6M followers)

Sananthachat Thanapatpisal is one of the top Thailand celebrities on Instagram and featured as a brand ambassador for Sakura.

3) arm_wc (2M followers) 

Weerayut Chansook is a popular Thai actor, host and singer. He has collaborated with skincare, haircare, and food brands in the past. 

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