Vietnam's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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July 18, 2023
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In Vietnam, influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy for brands to connect with the country's digitally-savvy population. This report provides valuable insights from Vietnam's Q2 influencer marketing report, shedding light on the top brands dominating sponsored posts, trending hashtags shaping consumer preferences, and the impact of influential content creators with high engagement rates and follower growth.

Vietnam’s top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram 

Top 5 Brands Dominating With Sponsored Posts on Instagram

With 76 posts, Daniel Wellington dominated the influencer marketing scene in Vietnam during Q2. The brand's popularity can be attributed to its stylish and trendy watches, which resonated well with both influencers and their followers.

Despite fewer posts than Daniel Wellington, The Lobby still managed to secure a strong presence with 19 posts. It indicates that the brand utilized influencer collaborations to reach its target audience and create brand awareness. ColourPop Cosmetics, known for its affordable and high-quality makeup products, gained notable traction in the Vietnamese market. Likewise, SAAL and Skincare from the Sea. 

Top 5 Trending  Hashtags on Instagram

In Vietnam, several hashtags emerged in Q2, reflecting the practices of gifting, brand promotions, and consumer preferences for affordability.

The hashtags #gifted, #danielwellingtonindonesia, #danielwellingtonmurah, and #danielwellingtoncoupon highlighted the popularity of affordable and discounted Daniel Wellington watches among influencers and consumers. 

These hashtags showcased the brand's strong presence and the influence of promotions and discounts in the purchasing decisions of Vietnamese consumers. Also, #igersfrance showcased an array of images and videos filmed in France. 

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Top Influencers with High Engagement Rates in Vietnam

1. Kaiver Nguyen (@huyyy_15, 99.4k followers) 

Kaiver, a Vietnamese micro-influencer, focuses on lifestyle and daily life content. With an engagement rate of 125.18%, Kaiver effectively connects with its audience on Instagram. As per, Kaiver's estimated reach is 19.69k, and his content generates 29.54k impressions. 

2. Vy (@vy.covers, 4,618 followers) 

Vy is a Vietnamese nano influencer creating captivating dance videos and lifestyle content. She has achieved an engagement rate of 53.21%. Nearly 89% of her branded content collaborations include notable names in her niche, such as Ateez, bbtrippin, Twice, and more. 

3. Keni (@kennyjuelr, 28.5k followers) 

Keni, a micro-influencer from Vietnam, specializes in fashion and lifestyle content. Over the past three months, he has maintained an exceptional engagement rate of 49.32%. His estimated reach is 5.72k, and his content generates 8.59k impressions, indicating the significant impact he has on his audience. Keni has collaborated with renowned brands such as Linder, Zalando, Blanke Space, and more.

4. Alice (@thungan.doan, 11.7k followers) 

Alice, a micro-influencer from Vietnam, specializes in beauty, fashion and accessories, and lifestyle content. Her estimated reach is 2.34k, and her content generates 3.52k impressions. Over the past three months, she has achieved an impressive engagement rate of 30.31%. Alice has collaborated with notable brands, including Herrison, Be Loved Nail Room, La Muse, and more.

5. Xuan (@xu_haoo, 11k followers) 

Xuan focuses on lifestyle and fashion content. Her engagement rate is 29.85%, and her content generates 3.31k impressions, reaching an estimated audience of 2.21k. Xuan has collaborated with renowned brands such as Tinymood, The Freckles Studio, Lazy Think, and more.

Top Influencers with High Follower Growth in Vietnam

1. Duong Thanh Dat (@datlohan, 32.4k followers) 

Duong, a Vietnamese singer, model, and actor, has experienced an astounding growth rate of 876.06% in his follower count over the past three months.  With his captivating visual pictures and engaging reels, Duong has garnered a dedicated following from countries like Vietnam, Brazil, and Mexico.

2. Nha Quyen (@nixinhnhat, 11.6k followers) 

Nha Quyen is known for her captivating lifestyle and fashion content. Her dedication and creativity have led to a remarkable growth rate of 545.00% in her follower count, indicating social media users’ growing interest in her content. With each piece of content she shares, Nha Quyen generates an impressive 2.45k impressions, allowing her to connect with a diverse audience of approximately 3.51k individuals. 

3. An Tran (@anzuuzu, 143k followers) 

Tran, a celebrated actor and model from Vietnam, is known for his  talent and for his influential presence on Instagram. Tran focuses his content on lifestyle, fashion, and career updates, engaging his audience with valuable insights. Over the past three months, he has experienced a commendable follower growth rate of 381.20%, clearly demonstrating his ability to captivate and retain his audience's attention. With an estimated reach of 28.51k and impressions reaching 42.77k, An Tran's impact on his followers is undeniably significant.

4. Anna (@thaotrang1111, 11.3k followers) 

Anna, a micro-influencer from Vietnam, is renowned for her fashion, accessories, lifestyle, and travel content expertise. With an estimated reach of 2.45k, Anna's content generates an impressive 3.67k impressions, showcasing the impact she has on her audience. Anna has experienced a remarkable follower growth rate of 327% over the past three months.

5. Mai Thanh Phong (@thewind_me, 25.4k followers) 

Mai, a well-known influencer from Vietnam, has established his popularity through engaging content focused on food, photography, and fitness. With an impressive engagement rate of approximately 3.27%, Mai has managed to captivate his audience effectively. He has garnered a substantial following, particularly in Vietnam, Japan, and Thailand, with a predominantly male audience. At least 64.17% of his followers are aged 21 and above, indicating his appeal to Gen Z. Mai's follower count has experienced a remarkable growth rate of 277.0% in the last three months, showcasing his increasing influence and reach.

Note: We could not find a particular influencer who might have been deactivated or deleted among the top five influencers with the highest follower growth. Consequently, we added the next influencer with the highest follower growth in the last quarter to replace them.

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