Product Spotlight: Influencer Profile Feature - Power Up Your Search For Authentic Influencers

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
January 4, 2023
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Finding the right influencer is like finding a needle in a haystack — one of the common challenges you might face as a brand and a marketer. It takes thorough research to onboard the right influencer based on their style, diversity, sentiment, and values. To make sure that every dollar of the marketing budget you spend on influencers results in conversions.

But how can you filter down the list of possible influencers according to the social media channel and specific industry category in your specific market? Shortlisting influencers using simple criteria like follower count and content style can often be misleading. These might not be the most efficient ways to find influencers for your marketing campaigns.

Suppose you are a skincare brand targeting a demographic of women between 19-32 years. In that case, you might engage with a beauty influencer with 100K followers without noticing that about 70% of her followers are men. It limits the influencer's actual reach to only 30k female audience for your brand. An in-depth analysis of influencer profiles is vital to help you make an informed decision. 

How Supports Influencer Profile Analysis

Among the millions of content creators, Influencer Profile feature gives you access to 6M+ vetted influencers worldwide. By providing access to information such as influencer category, estimated reach, engagement rate, audience demographics and interests, suspicious follower count, and follower growth over the past few years, the tool reduces the time and increases the efficiency when finding the right influencer across platforms.

To make you narrow down the broader selection of influencers into a refined list the faster way, the tool gives an insight into influencers' brand affinity – brands they have worked with in the past. Based on that, you can see any influencer's weekly and monthly sponsored and non-sponsored posts. The process drives down the overall cost, time, and energy spent on vetting influencers based on the campaign KPI. 

Let us explore in detail each of the capabilities of the influencer page feature. 

Capabilities Of The Influencer Profile Page Feature

The Influencer Profile feature's main purpose is to give you an advantage over the competitors and help you build a long-term strategy.  With the help of its capabilities, you may put together your talent pool that can unlock opportunities in terms of campaign execution and the overall impact on conversions.

1. Access to Influencer’s Content: Look into the recent content posted by the influencer. You can see the influencer's estimated reach, impressions and media value. It helps you analyze whether the influencer fits the content aesthetics required for the campaign. 

The influencer Profile feature shows the recent content by an influencer along with other relevant information, such as media value, email id, and similar influencers. 
Engagement metrics, likes, shares, comments, and reactions are visible on the Influencer Profile page.

2. Audience Demographics: Make an informed choice by carefully examining the age, gender, and geographic distribution of an influencer's audience.

Get insight into audience age, gender and location.  

3. Audience Interest Distribution and their brand affinity: Verify the areas of interest for the influencer's audience. Even if you search for lifestyle influencers, their audience must mostly be interested in traveling, attending live events, and staying fit. Additionally, you can look up the companies they have engaged with the most when promoted by the influencer they have been following.

Learn how an audience connects with the brands promoted by an influencer. 

4. Influencer’s Brand Affinity: Look at how many branded posts the influencer has previously worked on to get an indication of the competing brands the influencer has collaborated with for promotions.

The feature shows branded and non-branded content posted in a given time.

5. Detailed Engagement Timeline:
Examine the influencer's specific engagement patterns, including their suspicious followers and how the engagement has changed over time.

Get a detailed followers timeline and engagement timeline.

6. Easily Export Influencer’s Profile:  You can add the influencer to a group and export their profile in CSV or PDF. 


Analyze each of the metrics to determine whether there is a fit between your brand and the influencer to make the most of the Influencer Profile capability. Ensure that influencers are continually expanding and are not just one-hit wonders by looking at their follower and engagement timelines. Assess the audience's brand affinity to learn more about their preferences and whether they have experience with other brands. Additionally,  add your personal observations using the notes tool, which can be made private or accessible to your entire organization.

Book a free trial to learn more about the Influencer Profile feature. 

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