13 Leading Social Media Agencies in Toronto You Should Know [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
May 11, 2022
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Toronto, Canada's business and financial capital, has a significant social audience that every brand wants to engage. 

Enterprises, B2B, or D2C companies know that their marketing strategies are incomplete without social media because their target audience spends most of their time on social platforms.  

Research shows Canada has over 31.8 million social media users, more than half of its population. Also, the estimates reveal that almost 96% of the population will have access to social networks by 2026. For brands, this is a significant market for promoting products and services. 

So many social media agencies have emerged in the city to help brands create a solid social presence. 

Some agencies have now included influencer marketing in their portfolio to create a better marketing mix, as it is a perfect strategy to boost social efforts. They use an in-house team or an influencer marketing platform like affable.ai to run compelling campaigns. 

Affable.ai helps brands and agencies reach their goals without wasting hundreds of man-hours. The automation technology streamlines influencer discovery, managing, and measuring campaigns. 

Here's a list of the leading agencies in Toronto. 

Top Social Media Agencies in Toronto

1. The Grid  

Founding Year:

The Grid is a top-ranking digital agency specialising in social media marketing to help companies reach their target audience. It follows an 'Always there' approach to help brands stay relevant on social media and remain connected with their audience. 

The agency provides website design and branding, commercial photography, content creation, and other digital services. To deliver unique content, the company has recruited creative specialists in Toronto. 

Clients: Osmow's, Mary Brown's, Happy Pops, The Shoe Company, Dust Free Maids

2. Exposure Social 

Founding Year:

Exposure Social is a full-service social media agency in Toronto providing 360-degree services for clients, from accounts management to amplification and outreach. It works with influencers to generate a positive buzz for clients. It has over 500K content creators in the network. 

In addition to this, it also provides search marketing, email marketing, YouTube advertising, and more such services to help brands reach their goals. 

Clients: Tropicana, Marriott, Gatorade, Kraft, Strong Fitness Magazine, Ataraxia, Armor All

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3. Brandlume

Founding Year:

Brandlume is a digital agency specialising in social media, website, and branding services. The company has worked with over 6400 companies internationally. 

The company performs social media advertising for brands who want to amplify their content across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter. 

The pricing packages start from 480 USD per month. You can choose a package according to your requirements and goals. 

Clients: Skydome Development, Rejuva Minerals, Joseph George Jewellery, Carjiffi, CarHub.ca

4. Mediaforce

Founding Year:

With nearly 26 years of experience, Mediaforce has excelled in digital marketing by providing its services to top brands in healthcare, child care, aviation, construction, eCommerce, and other sectors. 

This social media agency in Toronto provides services, including content curation and graphics. It also creates a customised strategy for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin to target different audience personas on every channel. It also provides paid campaigns to amplify content created on these platforms.  

The agency also provides influencer marketing services to help brands build credibility with their audience.

Clients: Toronto Humane Society, Cleartouch Media, CBI Health, Ducati New York, Xerox, Leoni 

5. Qode Social

Founding Year:

Qode Social is a leading social media agency in Toronto that aims to help brands in FMCG, health and beauty, CPG, hospitality and tourism, and other sectors to build a relevant social presence. 

The agency manages campaigns, builds community, creates content to engage the target audience, and sets up promotional contests. It also provides Facebook advertising management and SEO services and offers a three package pricing for its services – Pro, Standard, and Basic. 

Clients: Viva Naturals, Shopify, Pink Tartan, Panasonic, Opencare, Mejuri, Luuup, Hootsuite 

6. Suits Social 

Founding Year:

Suits Social has built a successful name for itself in the industry, and it claims to be Canada's first social advertising agency. 

The agency has experience in organic and paid media campaigns that help brands generate quality leads, get new customers, and boost sales. The company manages everything from strategy building to content creation and community management. 

Besides this, the agency also has expertise in search and PPC advertising, email automation, and creative media. Its 'acquisition branding' strategy helps brands create awareness, generate leads and nurture them.

Clients: Quaaout Lodge Resort, Ritekot Painting & Decorating, Simcoe House Buyers, Craft Pomade, Zirkova Vodka 

7. BlueHat Marketing

Founding Year:

With 15 years of experience in social media marketing, BlueHat has become an industry leader in Toronto. It ensures brands get measurable results, quality leads, and increased traffic by offering SEO, advertising, and web design services. 

The agency is a certified Facebook and Google partner, which helps run successful campaigns and drive success for clients. 

Its social media services include personalised campaign strategies, lead generation, and business growth. The agency has offices in Montreal, New York, Vancouver, Ottawa, and other cities. 

Clients: Excel Funds, Priority Plumbing, Yellow Goat Design, Tribecca Finance 

8. Brand and Mortar

Founding Year:

Brand and Mortar, one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Toronto, helps brands reach their target audience by offering social media services such as strategy building, influencer outreach, paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram, etc. 

It also provides digital marketing and advertising services like pay per click, lead generation, reputation and community management, graphic design, SEO, etc. The company's strong social media presence reflects how well the agency manages channels for its clients. 

Clients: H2OMAX, Palmer's, Rhoziva, Marigold & Co., Avanza Sports, Baycrest Hospital, BiiZ

9. Volterra

Founding Year:

Volterra is a top-tier social media agency in Toronto specialising in managing social media platforms to fulfill a brand's objective. The agency provides services through its four-step process-- account set-up, content creation, blogging, community management and lead generation. 

The agency also provides social selling training to b2b sales teams, wealth managers, and financial advisors. 

Clients: Smoothpay, Direct Marketing Association of Canada, Road To Travel, Geneva Centre for Autism, Dig It 

10. Edkent Media 

Founding Year: 2014 

Edkent Media helps brands boost traffic through social channels by running well-organised campaigns. Having experience in growth marketing and SEO practices, the agency first audits your existing profiles and then begins with strategy building, content creation, reporting, paid advertising, and community management. 

The agency offers Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook services. It creates a specific strategy for every platform with repurposed content.

Influencer marketing is also part of their services to enhance the social media appearance and help brands reach a more targeted audience. Brands can opt for a 30-minutes free session with the agency to understand their goals and strategically approach their problems. 

Ekdent runs its operations from Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa and other cities. 

Clients: Atom Technology Inc., Compleo Dental Implant Centre, One Stop Alliance Repair, Serli & Siroan 

11. Major Tom 

Founding Year: 2018

Major Tom, a social media agency in Toronto, provides complete services to enhance brands' online presence and align it with their business goals. The company has a strong portfolio that showcases its expertise in working with top brands in the market. 

From strategy development to competitor research, content creation, community management, and reporting, the agency does everything on behalf of its clients. 

To analyse campaign insights and prepare standardised reports, it uses Hootsuite and AirTable tools. The agency also provides content marketing, SEO, HubSpot consulting, and other digital services.

Clients: Clarins, Denny's, Cedar Creek, Mission Hill, Fairmont, Teck, Pepsico, Canon 

12. Arnold Street Media

Founding Year:

Arnold Street Media provides customised digital services for social media campaigns, advertising, and content development. The agency ensures that its services help brands shine and beat the competition through authentic content and personalised strategies. So it handles everything from setting up profiles to managing the accounts and audience engagement. 

The agency provides services in three packages – Granite, Marble, and Diamond. Each pricing package has a set of services according to the clients' requirements, including content calendar, copywriting, design, monthly analytics etc. 

Clients: Casillero Del Diablo, Menkes, Enchanted Garden, Rogers, Aura, Harvest Wagon, Mundo

13. Bold x Collective

Founding Year:

Bold x Collective provides complete social media management and advertising services. It includes channel management, social listening, influencer marketing, and strategy development.

Other forte areas lie in digital marketing, website development, SEO, and creative services. It manages campaigns on multiple platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, and Twitter and uses Later, Sprout Social and Hootsuite to manage campaigns. 

Having at least five years of experience, this company has established a strong position in the market and won multiple awards and recognitions for its work. Although this social media agency in Toronto is relatively new, its founder Raven Benwait has an experience of 15 years which is a huge plus point for Bold x Collective to drive business for its clients.

Clients: Eco Kids, Viaggio, Zancor, Kare, Precima, Lost Together, Luxe Body, Love My Mat, Bullymake 

Wrapping Up

As social media marketing is gaining momentum, more and more brands are outreaching agencies to run campaigns. 

On the other hand, agencies provide different digital services to satisfy client needs and achieve marketing goals. 

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies companies have adopted to boost their social presence. You can also collaborate with full-service influencer marketing agencies if you want to run influencer campaigns and reach a more significant market segment on social media. 

Go through our list of top influencer marketing agencies worldwide. 

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