‍LinkedIn Creator Partnerships To Become Crucial For B2B Marketing in 2023

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December 29, 2022
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After B2C and D2C brands, it is time for B2B businesses to dive into influencer marketing and earn big bucks. Many marketers have already set a strong foothold in B2B influencer marketing with LinkedIn content creators. 

People nowadays have tons of information at their fingertips, which enables them to self-navigate their buying journey through online research. Studies reveal that 65% of B2B buyers look for information online to direct their purchasing process, whereas only 24% of buyers complete a deal driven by a sales rep. Such statistics urge marketers to collaborate with LinkedIn creators as their recommendations can help drive better online research. 

The content creators can be designers, writers, freelancers, marketers, or anyone with expertise in a niche. These subject matter experts share value-added content that interests real-life decision-makers — entrepreneurs, industry leaders, executive officers, and more. 

According to LinkedIn, 630 million professionals engage on the platforms, of which 9 million have turned on the Creator Mode (a feature that tells LinkedIn which user is producing content). Experts predict this number will continue to grow in 2023 as more B2B brands connect with the creators to reach their target audience.

“Influencers will sign long-term contracts with companies focused on B2B to advertise their products,” says Daniel Nistor, Head of Business Development, Vevol Media

Besides creators, brands will also use internal influencers and employees with a small following and an authentic voice in a niche.

B2B influencers will target decision-makers and push them further down the marketing funnel in 2023. "Influencer Marketing has almost picked up traction overnight, and 2023 will also see huge growth on this front. While the space for B2C brands has already hotted up quite a bit, B2B brands will also find ingenious ways to engage with relevant influencing sets to help tell their story," says Shehnaz Bapooji, Group CMO, Match Move.  

As content creators are fueling B2B influencer marketing growth, LinkedIn too is making plans to enable brands to connect with relevant subject-matter experts on the platform.  

With 2023 approaching, it is time for your B2B brand to create a LinkedIn influencer marketing strategy. Check out our 2023 influencer marketing report to access data and expert opinions on using LinkedIn for B2B marketing. 

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