New Product Update - Customize and Personalize Email Templates

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
June 10, 2022
min read

Send across clear and concise influencer outreach emails using templates or prewritten emails. These pre-configured templates help you optimize the time and effort spent writing and designing the emails and reduce the chances of mistakes and errors while drafting the mail.

The intuitive interface is quick and easy as it eliminates the task of designing a fresh email template whenever you come up with a new campaign.

Let us walk you through our email template features. 

1. Customize and Personalize Your Emails

Tailor your email template layout, content and appearance by adding images, emojis and more text. A rich text toolbar helps style your text element, using different fonts, headings, borders, spacing and colours.

Make it more personalized using the insert variable dropdown to insert the influencer's username, full name, first name and last name. Type @ to open the variables popover anywhere in the email text. 

To view an influencer's email id, you can hover over the influencer name added to the influencer section in the mail. 

2. Undo Changes and Reset Email 

Format your emails to perfection with undo-redo and preview features. The undo icon rectifies mistakes, while the preview allows you to check or edit the name and content of each influencer before pushing the send button.


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